Methods to win Over Depression

Depression and sadness are often seen as synonymous and both the terms are frequently exchanged with one another. However, both are quite different from one another. Sadness is a common emotion that is often experienced in day to day life. It is not harmful as such, however don’t overdo. Sadness can be overcome after a short while and an individual goes back to normal state forgetting all about the problem. On the other hand, depression is a gloomy state which mind unable to overcome. Despondency roots go deeper in person’s mind and soul, and he/she keeps regularly thinking about them over and over again. Depression brings emptiness with it in life. In short, depression is a state when a person is in distressing state for prolonged period of time. Nothing works.

Depression takes hold over life and daily activities of a person. Person’s mind completely disagrees to share anything and every trivial work also seem like a mountain. In fact, it also interferes with person’s eating, sleeping, studying, playing etc. Two main traits that characterizes depression are- helplessness and hopelessness. Depression can remain ignored if the signs and symptoms are not taken into consideration. Although some of the symptoms can be same as of sadness, however, if you identify yourself with most of them, it vindicates you are a patient of depression and need help to overocme it. Symptoms of depression are:

1) When your favorite pasttimes no longer excites you, social activities like chatting, gossiping, going out etc starts looking boring, it may certify depression has overtaken you or you are being slowly overshadowed by it. Sex is also a great mood changer. If sex also does not attract you anymore, be cautious. Depression makes life dull and days just passes away leaving you every single minute in the shadow of ennui.

2) Depression does not let a person focus on anything even if it is important as anything. Lack of concentration is also a cause of indecision. Mind stops working on its pace. Forgetting about things, events etc also becomes common for depressive disorder person. If it prolongs, stop it right away by subscribing to effective treatments.

3) Short temper is one of most common traits of a depressive person. Low tolerance is the result of person’s helplessness to do nothing for coming over the present state. Even a simple thing gets on nerves. Depression snatches all pondering power.

4) Depression makes inactive. A sufferer of depression is also in fatigue state feeling drained inside completely. Body just says no for even smallest task. Actually, a cause of worry captures person to such a degree that nothing else remain of interest to a person.

5) Disturbed sleeping pattern is also a common sign of depression. In depressive state either a person sleeps for a very less amount of time, or he/she sleeps a lot.

6) Suicidal thought is most severe symptom of depression. A person loses interest in life and constantly thinks of ending it.

There are certain medications to overcome depression suggested by doctors like sertraline, fluoxetine etc. These drugs belongs to anti depressants class of medications. If the above symptoms last for more than 20 days, it is time to see a doctor. Medical evaluation is done by doctor and on that basis it’s decided what actually the problem is. Depression cannot be evaluated on the basis of tests like blood test, x rays etc. A doctor goes into the mind of a person and figures out about the mental state of a person. treatment is also prescribed accordingly.

Being emotionally strong is need of the hour. Tumultuous situations keep arising in life. So, only if you are skilled at mastering your emotions can cope with the situation quickly. It is also good to overcome trauma, else mentally get affected severely. Learn the art of being emotionally strong, it also helps in alleviating depressive phase of life and protect from going into the dark well of depression.

You are truly a super human when can make adjustments in toughest stage of life. If find yourself constantly in sad state, try to amend your lifestyle. Making such changes have huge impact on depression. Some most helpful lifestyle changes to make when depressive are- regular exercise at least 30 minutes in a day, proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours in a day, dietary changes like including green veggies, fruits, juices etc in diet, try to think only positive and cast away negative thoughts, resorting to relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and cultivating good supprt of people.

Depression is a monster engulfing entire happiness of life. Never open the doors for depression in life, no matter what you have to do for it. Life is a gift, enjoy it, experience it rather than wasting on undesirable things.