Natural Remedies for Quick Relief from Stomach Ache

Every individual faces stomach gas issue and it makes someone uncomfortable. Excess stomach Ache can be an embarrassing thing to someone. If this problem not taken care timely then it may lead you to several serious illnesses. According to the national institute of health states a person normally passes 14 pints of Ache everyday. Most of the people face this problem and it is one of the most embarrassing digestive problem. One who faces this problem everyday wants to get rid of it at any cost. Mostly stomach Ache problem occurs due to swallowing air during eating food, breakdown of undigestive food in the colon and talking during eating. In this article we will discuss about some natural remedies that can be helpful to get relief from stomach Ache.
Have a lood at some effective natural remedies that are really helpful to get rid of stomach Ache.

Garlic Soup: Garlic Soup is one of the best natural and homemade remedy to get quick relief from stomach Ache. Garlic soup is not only helpful to get relief from stomach Ache but it is also helpful to improve digestive power of a person. Garloic soup is also easy to make and everyone can make it at their home. To make garlic soup you just need to grind some garlic with black pepper, coriander leaves and cumin. Dissolve this mixture in a glass of water and boil it untill it remains half. Have this soup two times daily and you will note some positive effects on your in stomach Ache problem. Garlic soup is a well suited natural remedy for excessive Ache, lack of appetite, overeating, poor digestive system etc.

Drink Lots of Water: To allivate the condition of Ache one should drinks lots of water. It is said that drinking plenty of water everyday helps to get rid of stomach related problems like Ache and many more. Normally Ache and bloating problem seen during pregnancy times as growing uterus puts pressure on the rectum and it leads to constipation etc. Moreover one should eat smaller meals throughout the daya nd avoid overeating as this is also a one thing that triggers stomach Ache.

Swallowing Less Air: Swallowing air during eating and drinking also cause stomach Ache. So to reduce the stomach Ache it is important to swallow less air during eating and drinking. Remember one thing that when you are eating food you must chew the food more and eat slowely. Along with it one should avoid drinking water while eating food. It is also important to quit smoking to reduce the problem of having stomach Ache.

Drink Green Tea: Green is full of antioxidants and having capacity of treating various health issues including stomach gas. Green tea is a simple and safe home remedy to treat Ache troubles. Those who often face stomach Ache troubles can have a cup of green tea few hours after having meals. Green tea is really helpful to improve our immunity as well as digestive system.
Change the Diet Plan: Foods that are high in carbohydrates and fiber often create gas troubles hence it is important to have alternation in the diet plans. Fruits like bananas, apple, peaches and citrus fruits lead to stomach Ache problems. In vegetables one must avoid cabbage, cauliflower, beans, raddish etc. as these vegetables lead to stomach Ache. To avoid stomach Ache problems one must drink fat free milk and avoid all other milk made products like cheese, butter etc. as these food items are hard to digest. Avoid ice creams, artificial sweetners, pasteries and all other such types of foods.

Walking after Meals: To avoid stomach gas problem it is important to go for a small walk after having meals. But it should not be immediately after eating. You need to wait for atleat 30 to 45 minutes and then go for a small walk. Always remember one thing that never sleep immediately after having meals as this also cause stomach Ache problems. Lots of medicines are also available that are helpful to get rid of stomach Ache problems but sometimes these medicines create adverse effects to your health if did not suited to you well. These are some of the natural remedies that provide you quick relief from stomach Ache.