Numerous Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves are well known for having lots of health benefits since ancient times. Cloves are basically unopened flower buds on clove tree and come in dry form. The height of a clove tree is approx 10 to 12 meters. The color of cloves is brown. The herb is basically used by many cuisines across the globe to add different and tasty flavor to a particular food item. India, China, Brazil, West Indies are some countries that use clove herb in higher amount. This herb is also called as medicinal herb and also used to treat various diseases like toothaches, blood impurities, asthma etc. Cloves are available all months of the year as compare to other spices. In India and China cloves are used as medicinal herb that helps to get rid of bad breath.  In China and Persia this herb is considered as a drug that stimulates sexual desires and also treats various other health illnesses in men and women.

Cloves are rich in nutritional and medicinal value and having lots of health benefits. In this article we will discuss numerous health benefits of cloves. Have a look below.

  • Cure Digestive Problems: Cloves are highly effective to heal many digestive problems. The medicinal qualities of this herb make it a wonderful remedy that is highly useful to treat indigestion, loose motion, excessive gas, stomach pain etc.
  • Prevent Cancer: According to researchers it is true that clove oil is highly efficient to prevent lung cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer in women. Eugenol is an essential compound presents in cloves is really helpful to reduce the chances of cancer in gastrointestinal tract by minimizing the harmful effects of environmental waste.
  • Wonderful Stress Reliever: Clove oil is also called wonderful stress reliever as it is rich in aphrodisiac properties. An aphrodisiac compound present in clove oil is really helpful to get relief from stress by reducing fatigue, depression and mental exhaustion. Clove oil is also useful for insomnia patients as it helps to brings-on high quality and enough sleep. Clove oil is a medicinal herb that is also used to treat various mental diseases like memory loss, anxiety etc.
  • Boost Immunity: Clove oil works as immunity booster and in order to boost immune system it stimulates blood circulation. In medical term this herb is also called as immunity booster herb.
  • Treat Dental Problems: Having rich in analgesic properties clove or clove oil is highly useful to treat various dental problems like toothaches, tooth decay etc. Clove oil works wonder for tooth pain for this you just need to soak a cotton bud in clove oil and put it in to that particular tooth aching area. Clove oil is highly used in various dental creams, toothpastes, mouth washes and many more teeth cleansing products. It is also helpful to get rid from sore gums.
  • Relieves from Muscle Spasms: Having rich in antispasmodic properties clove oil is really helpful to prevent or relieve from muscle spasms. Since ancient times clove oil is helpful in childbirth. The Antiseptic agent of clove oil makes it an effective remedy to cure various common problems like cuts, burns, fungal infections etc. Using clove oil directly on the skin can cause irritation hence it is suggested to use it in diluted form.
  • Helpful in Cough and Cold: Anti-inflammatory properties of clove oil make it an effective remedy to treat common cough and cold. This is also a wonderful herb for asthma and sinus patients. One can also use clove oil to clear nasal tract. To treat cough and cold inhale the aromatic clove oil. This wonderful oil is also helpful in treating the throat discomfort.

Other Health Benefits: More other health benefits of clove oil that are mentioned below.

  • Cloves are highly useful for diabetic patients and it controls the blood glucose levels easily. Eugenol is an essential compound presents in cloves is really helpful to prevent blood clots.
  • Clove oil is also an effective remedy for headache.
  • This oil is also useful to treat acne. By applying diluted clove oil in the affected area of the skin one can easily get rid of pimples and swelling.
  • Preparing tea by adding 2 to 3 grains of cloves make it a healthy medicinal drink for everyone in the house.
  • Clove oil is also used as massage oil and it is also used in various beauty creams and lotions.

Clove oil is packed with nutrition and natural antioxidants.  It contains magnesium. Dietary fiber vitamin A and C. Cloves also contain significant amount of essential minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, carbohydrates etc. Being rich in all essential nutrients clove oil is widely used across the globe.