Olive Oil is Beneficial for Hair Growth

Your hair represent your personality hence it is important to have healthy and dandruff free hair. Nowadays people are suffering from many hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff and many more. There are many causes of these hair problems and some of them are poor diet, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, medical history etc. Over processing of hair is also another cause of these hair problems. Hair coloring once in a while is fine but doing such things regularly leads to various hair problems. Regular use of hair straighter creams, curling iron etc. damages your hair. You just need to use natural ingredients to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. Using hot oil is centuries old treatment for certain hair problems. Olive oil is not only used externally but it is also used internally and having lots of health benefits. People don’t know about the health benefits of olive oil for hair growth. It is also said that olive oil is highly beneficial to treat various skin problems. Olive oil is best cure of hair loss. In this article we will discuss about how olive oil is beneficial for hair growth. Have a look.

Cure Hair Loss: Olive oil is highly beneficial to stop hair loss as well as it also prevents hair loss. Many people face hair loss due to the presence of DHT hormone that is responsible for the decrease of hair follicle shaft. The DHT is also responsible for the male pattern baldness and hair fall problems. Regular use of olive oil prevents the production of DHT hormones on the scalp hence it plays a vital role to get rid of hair loss.

Natural Hair Conditioner: Olive oil works as natural hair conditioner and it is an effective remedy to control hair loss. Massaging your scalp with olive oil just before taking bath makes your hair shiny and soft. For healthy and strong hair you must use olive oil as a natural hair conditioner.

Promote Scalp Health: The antioxidants presents in olive oil promotes overall scalp health. It is medicinal oil for the damages hair. The excessive use of chemical rich hair products like shampoos, conditioners, colors etc. make your hair thin and lead to hair loss.

Scalp cleanser: Olive oil works as scalp cleanser. Massaging your hair with olive oil is helpful to get rid of the build up dust on the scalp. It is also helpful to remove dirt from the hair. Besides natural scalp cleanser olive oil is also helpful to improve overall strength of your hair.

Boost Hair Growth: Massaging you hair regularly with olive oil is also boosts hair growth. It is a natural remedy to improve blood circulation. Olive oil is also helpful to get peaceful sleep in night. What to say more about the medicinal oil, olive oil is also beneficial to maintain overall health.

There are various types of olive oils like virgin oil, extra virgin oil, pomace oil, pure olive oil etc. Among all these virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil are best to choose.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: With the help of olive oil you can make a conditioner. For this you just need to take half cup of olive oil is a bowl and combine it with an egg yolk. Add few drops of lemon juice in this mixture. You can also add lavender oil or rose water in this mixture to make this oil more effective. Mix all the liquids well and apply on your hair. Leave this natural conditioner on your hair for 20 minutes. Then wash off your hair with lukewarm water. Those who want soft hair must try this method.

 Olive Oil + Cinnamon + Honey = Hair Loss Remedy: Olive oil is a popular remedy to treat hair loss. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and honey is a cure to all kind of problems. Lukewarm two table spoons of olive oil and add one table spoon of honey and one table spoon of cinnamon powder in it. Make a paste of it by stirring well. Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with a mild natural shampoo. It is a perfect hair loss control remedy.

Benefits of Olive Oil When It is Taken Internally: Olive oil is also having plenty of health benefits when it is taken internally. Being rich in various nutrients this oil is highly beneficial to improve digestive health of a person. According to health experts improper digestion also leads to hair loss hence it is better to improve your digestive system first. To improve digestive system take add one table spoon of olive oil and few drops of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water and have this drink early in the morning. Along with digestion it will also improve various skin disorders and hair problems. You can also use olive oil in cooking as it is having numerous health benefits.