Prescription Policy

At before making the drug purchase customers are asked to provide a valid prescription given by their respective doctor. Prescription needs to be sent once the order has been placed. Customers can email us the prescription paper. It is important for us to receive the prescription within 15 days. Essential details regarding the prescription policy are given below:

• Prescription must be in English. Secondly, it should be authentic and obtained from the licensed doctor.

• Prescription must be made available within 15 days after placing the order. Time lag can result in cancellation of the order.

• Prescription would entirely be accepted in hand written format. Online prescriptions are not counted as valid.

• Customer may receive a call from our customer staff in case require any further information about the prescription.

• For any further detail regarding our prescription policy you can give call at our toll free number (mentioned at the top of our website).

Note- Email us the prescription at-