Dukemeds.com’s Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of dukemeds.com is insurance to customers that their privacy is maintained at all costs. Our policy discloses openly how the information collected by customers is employed by dukemeds.com. It is customers right to have knowledge of their information shared. Most especially, customers need to know that their information is not shared with anyone. No third party has any access to their information.

Information collected

Dukemeds.com ask for details like- name, contact number, email address, shipping address, billing address, credit card information, nationality and date of birth. All this information is absolutely safeguarded and even at dukemds.com no person has access to it. The information is solely used for completing the order.

Why the information is collected?

Collecting certain information is important on dukemeds.com part so as to fulfill business purpose. Our website can be accessed for free, but for placing an order or doing any other business with us, it is essential to share information. We can bring to you our services only if we have the information.

Information can be modified anytime

Customers have full access to the information shared with us. They are the manager of their account and can do any modification to it at their will. Whether they want to alter, update, change or delete, all actions are absolutely in their hands. Once a customer deletes his account, all information gets erased from our systems. We never make any changes to the customer information.

Information safeguarding method

As aforementioned, customer’s information is not shared with any third party at all. It is absolutely used for business purpose. In fact, customer’s information is not even stored by us. The moment reaches us, it turns into an encryption. We employ date encryption method. With 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology we safeguard our customer’s information. it is top class data protection technology.

Totally against spamming

Dukemeds.com is a strong opponent of spamming. Customers are ensured never to receive junk emails from us. Only if customers have subscribed with us would receive emails regarding the promotional offers. Customers are requested to contact us right away if ever get any promotional email without consent.

Note- For any further queries regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us anytime.