Protecting bone health is easier than you think

Bones are building blocks of the body. Our silhouette what it looks like is all because of bones. Bones are tissues joined together forming skeleton of the body. New bones cells keep evolving as the old bones cells keep dying. This process works in a fit manner till you are in youthful stage of life. Gradually with age, bones start forming at low speed leadint o bones related issues. Moreover, weak bones is also a problem that rises with age. Taking care of bone health is an important to do in life from the beginning itself. From the time of infancy it i required to take care of bone health. Bones are highly important for movement of the body and keeping intact body’s shape. To keep the working of these living tissues smooth forever it is required by rule to have enough calcium in diet daily. Best source of consuming calcium is milk. Never skip a glass full of milk. Other than this, take vitamin D. Its best source is early morning sun rays.

More the bone density in the body, greater are chances you enjoy strong bone health. As mentioned above, calcium and vitamin D are best to have daily to increase bone density. Other than this, physical activity also enhances bone density. Exercise is much needed for healthy bones. Any type of workout would do, however you need to be constantly stick to the routine. Maximum till the age of 30 bones have chances to flourish as much you want them to be. After that, downfall starts. Maintenance work is done after that. Therefore, always keep yourself fit and flexible.

Decrease in bones strength amount to becoming prone to bones related issues like fractures, osteoporosis and so on. Osteoporosis is a problem typical to women. It is characterized by abnormal loss of bones tissues. Women face this problem post menopause. Menopause comes with decreasing secretion of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is a hormone helpful in many women body build, one of them is increasing bone density. Hence, post menopause women become susceptible to bones problem. Bone fracture is a common encountered problem by people having low bone density. Improving bone health can be achieved best at 20’s or 30’s. There are various ways to strengthen bone health. Before summoning the tips, two important points want to make clear.

1) Bone health should be start giving attention at an early age of life. Bones do not form in few days or few years. They are a hard work of long time. Since early childhood people should start with exercise, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle. Do not wait to come in 20’s and then start with all these things.

2) Activities like brisk walk, running, jog, swimming, dancing etc should be given preference in life. They help extensively in strong and dense bones build up. At least five days in a week execute them and experience the results within you. People with strong bones do not get tired soon and are able to any task easily.

Now let’s have a look on tips useful in building bones.

1) Though extremely energising and refreshing for few moments, but the real truth is caffeine is not healthy drink for the body. Caffeine is actually a calcium expeller from the body, which means weaker bones. Tea, coffee, black coffee are some unhealthy drinks need to be avoided as much as possible. Most people are caffeine lover these days, but the thing you love is actually harmful for the body.

2) Salt intake in high amount has tendency to throw calcium from the body. It is similar to caffeine intake. Hence, people should limit the intake of salt in diet. Even foods containing high amount of salt lead to bone loss. Processed foods be avoided because they contain high salt amount.

3) Calcium is best to enhance bone density. It is available in eatables like dairy products including milk, yogurt etc. Green vegetables are also healthy source of calcium. Non vegetables can get their amount of calcium from fish. Calcium pills are available in the market, however, it is good to go natural. Natural products give natural calcium, which actually benefits health and bones.

4) Alcoholic drinks are needed to control. Drinking is common, but make sure it does not exceed. Alcohol lowers body’s calcium absorbing power. Drinking in limit does not have any harm. In fact, everything should be taken in limit for optimal health.

5) Exercise is evergreen formulae to build bones. Along with strengthening bones, body muscles also get toned up. Though it is good to start exercising in an early age, but it is never too late for it. Make exercise fun activity by adding music to it or do it with your best buddy.

Weakening of bones is common with age, but they can be prevented from becoming weak early. A good care can help in maintaining strong bones upto old age like 75 or even above. But, regular and extreme care is the mantra. Just eschew inactivity, tobacco use and eating disorders and can do a lot for your bones. The rest the above tips would do for your bones. All you need is regular practice.