Recent Mothers and their weight loss queries

To remain in fit shape is a common desire of all. In fact, it’s really appreciable if all think this way as healthy body can only lead to a happy life. Healthy body is an indication of going fairly with the body. Women are supposed to be more figures conscious. Well, it’s true as well. When women reach the stage of motherhood their concern about body weight increases all the more, because of the prevailing notion after pregnancy increase in weight is for sure. Well, this is also seen true in many cases. Women do gain weight after pregnancy and for some it’s really a hard task to get rid of it.

One more concern for women after pregnancy is whether any sort of weight loss method is going to affect breast milk. This is certainly a point of concern. It is shown in some studies that a rise in lactic acid in breast milk is ascertained in mother’s milk who exercised. So, women have to be well versed in this matter prior taking over any form of exercise. This piece of article would throw light on this matter and may lessen your worry to some extent. All mothers here are few advices for you regarding your exercise.

There are two types of deliveries- vaginal birth and c- section (cesarean section). Women undergone c- section is in delicate condition for quite a long time in comparison to women had vaginal birth or normal delivery. They are proposed to not to exercise at least till next three or four months depending on the complexity of their delivery. They need complete rest as the stitches need to be completely in good health. Small walks for short duration are only prescribed for them. After three months they can take up exercises but only mild ones. As an example, increase the time duration of walking, get involved in household chores required movement of the body, take up gardening chore and so on. However, do not suddenly start heavy exercises as the stitches can get affected and may lead to problem related to health. Once you feel comfortable see your gynaecologist for detailed information and do as prescribed.

On the other hand, women had normal delivery can start with body movements little earlier. This is the advantage undergoing vaginal birth. After two months of delivery your body comes back to normal internally. Until 60 days after delivery women need to take complete bed rest. Little house works you can do, but not much. Try to take rest as much as possible. This is good for future health of your body. After 60 days you can take up physical activities on a large scale. However, it is always good to first consult your doctor. They can guide best as they are aware about your entire history of health. Every delivery is different and so are advices.

Brisk walk is certainly a healthy choice you have. Morning walk is perfect; however, if evening time suits you, this is not at all a bad option. What’s important is body is moving. In fact, exercises of any sort are healthy for you. It enhances the quality of breast milk too. Nevertheless, do not go to extremes. Rigorous physical workout may affect your health as well as milk quality. Better options for you are- brisk walk, squats, pelvic exercises, stretches, swimming, aerobics etc. However, start gently. Later you can scoop out vigorous exercises.

Depending only on exercises for losing weight is not a fair idea. You also need to take into concern other things like diet and lifestyle changes. Recent mothers need to eat healthy as what they eat directly goes to their baby, at the same time can add up to losing weight. Take up healthy foods rich with calcium, potassium, vitamins, fibers, etc as they greatly enhance health. Weight loss has always been a mixture of things like, healthy diet and exercise. It also applies to recent mothers. Most importantly, avoid crash diets. It does not apply at all to mothers recently went through delivery process. Latching on crash diet can immensely affect health of you and your baby. Lifestyle also matters a lot. If you are lazy then forget about weight loss. Getting up early is the key. Taking more fluids in diet is another necessary requirement. Recent mothers need immense rest, so take plenty of sleep. These simple lifestyle changes are must for you.

Losing weight after pregnancy is not tough, however, you need patience. Your priority should be your baby’s health. Exercise is must and should be done, however, go on properly. Considering doctor’s advice is best suggested. Hope the above article would have been successful in answering most of the questions flowing in your mind.