Rogaine – A Remedy for Baldness Treatment

The issue of hair loss is greatly rising among men and women in the present scenario. People, irrespective of any age can suffer from it. According to these times many are already suffering from it in many parts of the world. Many solutions were discovered to get rid of this problem and in all Rogaine, a hair loss drug, proved the best troubleshooter. Rogaine is also known as Generic Minoxidil. Rogaine is a great hair growth catalyst and produce finer results. Hair growth can be seen in few time as well as it also makes them strong. This drug is easily available online. World over it is greatly used. It is a very cheap hair loss solution but without compromising on quality. Also, it is the only solution of treating hair loss in both men and women. Rogaine is a prescription medicine for baldness and does its job dutifully. It is also FDA approved.


Using this treatment for baldness is very good as it is directly applied on bald area, thus shows result faster. Rogaine renders required nutrients to hair and enhance hair growth.
Baldness occurs after the occurrence of DHT in hair. Rogaine works over it and inhibits its production in hair. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is the main reason of hair loss. An enzyme 5-alpha-reductase gives rise to DHT by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Rogaine reduces DHT in hairs by suppressing an enzyme 5-alpha-reductase and gives freedom from baldness forever. Rogaine is vasodilator and expands hair blood vessels that allow oxygen and nutrients to reach hair follicles. They are very essential for hair growth. This way Rogaine works and treats baldness.


Dosing instructions form a very special part of drugs. Abiding by them only takes treatment in the right direction. The dosing tips of Rogaine should be followed very sincerely to treat baldness soon. Instruction that is of great essence is do take this medicine on doctor’s prescription only. Rogaine is generally applied two times in 24 hours for best use. Rogaine comes in various percentages, thus to know which percentage is appropriate for you seek doctor’s help. It is required to keep scalp and hair dry while using the drug. The drug should be applied on the bald area only precisely. Do not wash your hair for next four to five hours after using the drug. Let the drug show its effect completely. Use of hair dryer also needs to be avoided. Do not let Rogaine enter your eyes, nose, and ears. The drug should not be used in excess. Most importantly, be regular with the drug.

Side Effects

Rogaine is very harmless drug. Men and women have hardly come across any side effects due to this drug. But like every medicine having side effects in Rogaine is very natural. Also it shows them sometimes but its side effects are generally very mild. They come into appearance when taking the drug for the first time. As body will know the drug well the side effects will go away forever. Their duration is also very short. Do not get worried about its common side effects. They are itchy scalp, dryness, burning scalp, irritation on the affected area etc. If they remain for a long time then see your healthcare provider soon. In very rare cases Rogaine shows dangerous signs like irregular heartbeat, chest pain, drowsiness, problem in breathing, etc. Though they occur very rarely but if seen taking place please see your doctor without delay.


It greatly depends on storage for how long your drug will live. If want long lifespan of Rogaine, keep it in room temperature. Set the temperature around 15 to 30 degree Celsius. Temperatures that reach extremes spoil Rogaine. Make sure your drug is away from them. This solution form drug should be kept in neat and clean place of the room. The bottle of Rogaine should be stored away from light and moisture. They affect the drug badly. In home the most unsuitable places for keeping this drug are kitchen and bathroom. Their temperatures are not good for drug storage. The drug should be kept away from the reach of children. Adults can only use it. Expired Rogaine should be discarded properly. Consult your doctor for knowing how drugs are discarded. These storage measures are must for your drug. Stick to them and give your drug right storage.


Rogaine is a very effective treatment process for hair growth but shows the desired results when taken in a proper manner. To avoid the same here are cited some precautions. They provide protection against ill effects of the drug and with growing hairs also give shine to them and make them stronger. Taking the drug as doctor says is a best way of giving treatment right kick. If gone through any other hair treatment in the past acquaint your physician about them prior starting Rogaine treatment. Rogaine is only for adult men and women. Children should be kept away from it. For pregnant women this drug is dangerous as it affects fetus, thus avoid it. But nursing mothers can use it but on doctor’s advice only. Those suffering from any of the health problems should take Rogaine on prescription only. Do not step out in the sun after taking this drug as exposure to sunlight for long dilutes drug effect.