Small Changes to Overcome Sedentary Lifestyle

Frequent movement of the body is the only key to avoid the spells of sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary living squarely means little activity throughout the day. In today’s times inactivity has become a norm among people. Especially the job schedule of 9 to 5 or 10 to 6 is the biggest addition to making people drab and left them deskbound. In 20’s or 30’s or starting 40’s may be you do not come across the negative impacts of such lifestyle, however, with advancing age its repercussions are going to come in front. Activity straightly means movement, be it of any kind.

Alacrity in the body is very important. However, it only comes when a body is always in active mode. Alert mind and body are essential for that. This alertness is impossible to achieve if body does not engage in activity throughout the day. Do not relate activity with exercises all alone. In fact, when little chores of home are self done, then actual alertness and briskness comes. For instance, if need a glass of water, get up on own and have it. Instead of lift, opt for stairs as many number times go out of the day. When for such things your mind becomes flexible, then only you may feel energetic all time and remain active.

Sedentary living just adds up to health diseases like heart problems, depression, hypertension, kidney stones, obesity, bone problems and colon cancer. Be highly cautious of it. Many new type of diseases crop up every other day, the primary reason behind is lifestyle. Most people have desk jobs. This has highly impacted their health. Entire day people are busy at workplace and in the evening left with no time to exercise because already day’s tiredness has overpowered them. However, it’s an advice, no matter to what degree your life is busy; do take out time for physical activity. Your mental activity also get boost when physically you are alert.

Although activities like walking, jogging, running, swimming etc are best to adopt, however, if don’t have time for them , then at least resort to other small activities. Body movements are of importance even if done on a small scale. What matters most is body is brisk. Below are suggested methods to keep you warm up all the time.

1) Prefer stairs always

Lifts is undoubtedly more attractive, but for the sake of healthy body adopt stairs over lift. Climbing stairs is a good leg workout and also help in keeping body fit and fine. Gradually your body would get used to it. Every time you need to go out take stairs and see how well your body responds.

2) Look for parking quite away

Usually people prefer nearby parking to the place they want to head to. Do the opposite so that you have distance to walk. This small distance would add a lot to your lifestyle. Do the same wherever you are going and see how slowly you would love it.

3) Take small walk in the office

Every office permits small breaks so that employees can freshen them up. Make a habit of taking small walk in the break time. It is such an invigorating practice and also adds to efficiency at work. Entire day sitting at one place your mind becomes enclosed. It needs break; a healthy break. 10 to 15 minutes walk would be sufficient. Make it a regular practice.

4) Walk while talk

Nowadays mobile phones are everyone’s best friend as all seems to close to it all the time. Keep walking while busy on your cell phones. Especially while on a call, take walk. Walking while talking is best and also good time pass.

5) Take a walk to grocery store

Today’s advanced world has made many things easier for us. Today we don’t even need to go to the nearest grocery store as many online grocery stores are available. However, it is good to go the grocery store personally. This would help you in walking to a short mile. Do not get depended on online stores or online shopping too much. This would make your life more sedentary than you have thought.

The above methods may not do too much to change your lifestyle as they are small changes in life; however, they are power package in them. When you get into their habit you would feel profound change in you. Slowly they may even help you in adopting bigger changes in life making lifestyle more active. Do not underestimate the above changes.