Super P Force For the Most Incredible Sexual Experience

There are two sexual problems that many men mostly suffer from: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. Both of these sex related issues keep the men and their partners from having a fulfilling sexual experience. There are a number of reasons contributing to these problems. Stress, depression, injury, hormonal imbalance, and other physiological issues are some of the reasons. Every man suffering from one of these two issues (or both) is looking for the solution. Most of the medicines available in the market are able to treat male impotency by taking care of the Erectile Dysfunction. There are only very few medicines that can actually treat the premature ejaculation. Thankfully, we have Super P Force which is meant for the treatment of both. So, it is pretty much a Viagra with the special component that treats the premature ejaculation and allows men and their partners to have a great sexual life.

Super P Force has two primary components – Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine. Sildenafil Citrate is very well known for the treatment of ED and male impotency. It ensures that the blood circulation to the penile region is restored normally and thus there is the desired stiffness. It is an extremely important component to help men get the erection they desire. There are some men who also suffer from the premature ejaculation problem along with ED. For such men, the component Dapoxetine comes as a blessing.

Due to the lack of proper sexual intimacy in life, many problems arise. First of all, it causes frustration among the partners when they are not able to enjoy their sex life. Some of the men also get stressed and depressed due to it. Also, the partners who are deprived of a good sexual life also end up breaking up. This could further lead to more stress and depression. This is the reason why it is so very important to take care of these issues. With Super P Force men can be confident that they can restore the penile erection and also have the pleasure for the longer time due to delayed ejaculation.

A lot of men across the globe now trust Super P Force. It has proven its worth time and again.

– Super P Force contains 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate and 60 mg of Dapoxetine. Sildenafil is very well known for treating the erectile dysfunction issues among men. The way it works is rather simple.
– The PDE-5 enzyme production and release near the genital area is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. It prevents the blood supply to the male reproductive organ and thereby prevents the desired stiffness.
– cGMP or cyclic GMP is the chemical messenger or enzyme which is extremely important for the erection. However, the excess PDE-5 hampers its production and thus does not allow the proper erection.
– Sildenafil Citrate is highly soluble in blood. It mixes with the bloodstream and starts working within a few minutes. It is also very well known as an effective PDE-5 inhibitor. Once it is mixed with the blood it suppresses the effect of PDE-5 enzyme and also helps in curbing its release.

– When PD-5 is suppressed, the cGMP gets boosted. At the same time, the Nitric Oxide or NO deposits start increasing near the male reproductive organ. Both of them work together to help the penile muscles to relax. Due to this the blood vessels in the male reproductive organ dilate and allow more blood to flow through them. So, the blood circulation in the male reproductive organ increases and gives the men the desired erection. This is how Super P Force helps in giving the hardness to the male reproductive organ.
– Dapoxetine along with Sildenafil Citrate also helps men achieve the penile erection. However, at the same time, Dapoxetine also works as a mild antidepressant. It has an overall impact on the state of mind during sexual intercourse. Additionally, it allows for erection for longer duration and thus delays ejaculation.

– Super P Force is a very effective medicine for treating the ED and premature ejaculation issues.
– The most commonly recommended dose is 100 mg. It is meant for the adults who have the average health and are under the age of 55.
– The medicine should be taken once in a day (within a 24 hours timeframe).
– It is highly advisable not to increase the dose without consulting the doctor.
– The medicine is best taken with water. It dissolves well in water and thus shows faster results when taken with it.

– The medicine should only be consumed by men who are who are suffering from the ED and premature ejaculation issues. It should never be taken by women as it can cause serious health issues to them. It should also be kept far from the reach of the children.
– People with any medical history must stay away from the medicine or consult the doctor before consuming it. Men with cardiac, renal, or liver issues should not consume Super P Force.
– If you are on a regular prescribed medication it would be advisable to consult your doctor first before starting Super P Force dose. The contents of the medicine do not react with the contents of some of the other medicines.
– Do not consuming anything containing nitrate along with Super P Force. It can cause some serious health issues. Do not consume grapefruit with it for the same reason.
– Avoid fatty food and excess alcohol along with the medicine as they can render it less effective.

Here are some common side effects:

– Headache
– Sneezing
– Photophobia
– Blurred vision
– Palpitations
– Vomiting and Nausea

Usually the side effects are mild and do not last for a very long time. However, if the things get worse and you are feeling extremely uncomfortable it will be best to consult your doctor.