Tadalis Soft Tabs has the potential of treating erectile dysfunction with complete efficiency. This ED drug treatment is not only efficient but quick as well. Within 20 minutes it becomes active and improves men capability of attaining erection. Effect of Tadalis Soft Tabs last for a long time of around 36 hours, thus intimacy can be easily planned out. Due to it this drug is also called as ‘weekend pill’.

Tadalis Soft Tabs is an easy way to achieve erection. This sublingual drug dissolves fast in the bloodstream and shows effect quickly. It is liquefied in the mouth by own, thus does not require swallowing. This drug is also approved by FDA as safe and secure impotence treatment. Tadalis Soft Tabs is made up of dynamic element Tadalafil. This generic variant of brand Cialis is equal to its brand in dosage, strength and effect.


Working of Tadalis Soft Tabs revolves around improving the blood flow to the penis. Actually, insufficient blood supply to the male reproductive organ is the main cause of ED in men. And it occurs due to certain factors that takes place inside men body. Let’s go in detail about Tadalis Soft Tabs working procedure.

Blood flow increases during intercourse and it is enhanced toward penis by an enzyme cGMP that shack around penis. But when this enzyme is replaced by PDE5 enzyme it gives way to impotence. PDE5 enzyme is whole sole reason of ED. Due to less blood supply during intimacy penis muscles also turn rigid. Tadalis Soft Tabs betters blood flow to the penis by releasing cGMP enzyme in the blood and by inhibiting an enzyme PDE5. For relaxing and softening penis muscles it expels nitric oxide in the blood. Like this by making everything normal inside the body this drug aids men in achieving erection during sexual activity.


Tadalis Soft Tabs should be administered on doctor’s advice only. Taking it on own is like taking risk with your health. During the treatment, tell your healthcare provider your entire medical history and medications you are taking in. Dose of this drug varies from person to person. 10mg is its most recommended dose. Take the drug exactly as preached by your doctor. For making any changes in the dose seek doctor’s suggestion.

Take Tadalis Soft Tabs only one time in 24 hours. Taking twice can affect health. As Tadalis Soft Tabs is sublingual, thus take it by placing on tongue and let it liquefy by own. Do not take the drug with water. Take the pill just 20 minutes before indulging in sexual activity. Tadalis Soft Tabs can be taken any time, before and after the meal both. Last but not the least; do not depend on the drug for every sexual act.

Side Effects

Tadalis Soft Tabs is a drug thus having side effects is quite normal. But it has quality side effects. That means its side effects are harmless and painless. Health is completely safe with them. Side effects caused by Tadalis Soft Tabs generally remain for a short time. Best thing is they do not ask for medical assistance. They come and disappear on own. At the beginning the side effects occur by taking this drug but later their disappearance become a past thing. Mild side effects of Tadalis Soft Tabs are headache, blur vision, color blindness), drowsiness, nasal congestion, diarrhea, upset stomach, facial flushing etc.

The drug sometimes becomes severe too. But it happens very rarely. In this situation Tadalis Soft Tabs can show serious side effects that are dangerous to health. Seek immediate treatment. Serious side effects of the drug are fast heartbeat, cheat pain, shortness of breath, heart attack, longer penile erection etc.


To take care of proper storage of Tadalis Soft Tabs is very important. It is essential for drug long life. Storage of Tadalis Soft Tabs asks for room temperature. A normal temperature of 15 to 30 degree Celsius is good for it. Extreme temperatures do not suit its nature and spoil it. For storing Tadalis Soft Tabs well store it in an air tight container and place the container in safe and coolest place of the room. Storing place of the drug should also be neat and clean. Take the drug out only when required. Keep it away from children and women’s knowledge. Tadalis Soft Tabs should never be stored in kitchen and bathroom. Their warm and humid milieus are not proper for drug storage. Heat and light and moisture are also harmful for the drug. Keep it away from them. Make sure expired tabs are not stored at home.


Tadalis Soft Tabs is certainly a very safe drug but following precautions with it is very important. It ensures treatment safety. Precautions are must to follow with all drugs. Precautions need to be exercised with Tadalis Soft Tabs are mentioned here. Primary safeguarding step require to be taken with this drug is to take it on doctor’s recommendation only. Do not take Tadalis Soft Tabs without prescription. ED patients should put in the knowledge of their doctor their all health issues and medications they are currently taking. It helps in prescribing dose.

Men should not take this drug if allergic to its basic ingredient Tadalafil. Drug intake should not be done if you are an alcoholic. A combination of Tadalis Soft Tabs and alcohol affects blood pressure. Grapefruit and its juice are also harmful if taken along with this drug. Avoid them. Nitrate consumers should strictly avoid taking Tadalis Soft Tabs.