The Art of Eating Less without Feeling Deprived

As kids we are always told to clean our plates at every meal, as a result no wonder they grow into adults who are compelled to finish whatever is there in their plate. Breaking this habit developed in your from childhood is next to impossible, but you don’t necessarily have to overcome this have in order to lose weight. It is not just about what you eat but it is also about when you eat and how much you eat. Even healthy food can stop you from losing weight if you eat too much of it. Hence it is important to have a proportionate diet.

You are definitely not expected to suddenly cut down your intake of fatty foods, which is anyways not possible but there are some simple yet easy tricks that you can use to slightly reduce the food that you intake every day, without making you feel deprived or without even others noticing it.

Read on to find top ways to develop the tendency to eat less without feeling deprived.

Paint your kitchen and dining areas with warm, happy and light color tones instead of dark, sad and dreary shades. Whether you believe it or not, but eating your meal in a happy surrounding will make you eat quicker and in less amount, visa versa.

Smaller Plates + Smaller Serving Spoons = Smaller Portion Diet. With this formula you will eat less without even noticing, it is a psychological thing.

Avoid eating while you are watching TV. If you simple want to munch something during a movie, take some on a plate and leave the rest in the kitchen.

Anytime when you are sad or stressed, develop the habit of taking a walk, reading, painting, sketching, etc. The basic idea is to do something that is non-food related. Although this will take a bit of your time but once adapted it will be very helpful or you to stick to the habit of eating less and healthy.

Sit in the front of the mirror and watch yourself eat, this is not a joke. When you watch yourself eat, you tend to eat less and will surely help you shred some calories.

Eat an apple about an hour previous to the meal. Due to this you will feel satisfied and eat less, if you do not have apple in the house substitute it with a glass of water.

Eat slowly and chew your food properly and thoroughly. Eating slowly will help you fill faster and will also make you eat less.

Every time you begin with your meal start to eat salad and vegetables first, then eat the main course and the side dishes. This will help you fill half of your stomach due to which you will tend to eat less of the main course.

Anytime when you go outside on a hot day and when you really feel the heat it will naturally suppress your appetite. This walk on a hot day will make you thirsty; make sure that you are looking for water or for natural fruit juice and not for soft drinks.

Eat more of soups, a large bowl of healthy, low-fat homemade soup full of vegetables is not just delicious but it is really filling and the best healthy diet for you.

Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash few minutes after you eat your meal. Clean teeth will deter you from snacking afterwards.
Lastly, it important for you to keep one thing in your mind that you’re eating habits should come naturally and effortlessly. Your efforts to lose weight should not make you feel as if you are on a “diet” because if you do, you will automatically feel deprived.

Effective Methods to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Backache in the lower part of the back is extremely pestering. People who suffer or have suffered from lower back pain can well understand the essence of the previous sentence. Changing life schedules are very reason of lower back pain. These people are more into computer related jobs. They have to sit for long hours in front of the computer, which is one of common causes of lower back pain. It is important to get rid of this pain; otherwise it can be harmful for health.

If ever suffer from low back ache, try out the below mentioned measures. You will surely get relief from the pain.


By keeping muscles of the lower back strong you can get rid of the pain forever. Exercise daily and it will give flexibility to your body as well as will strengthen your lower back muscles. Exercise distributes the body weight equally, which results in less pressure on the back.

Keep body at rest

When back muscles are continuously strained, pain occurs. It is very important to give them rest. People are required to take proper rest daily. Those who are suffering from lower back pain should take complete bed rest.

Use Heat Packs

Using heated packs is one of best methods to get respite from low back pain. They give relief to muscles, thus help in alleviating pain. Hot bottles, heating pad are all good to overcome pain of low back.


There are certain medications prescribed for low back pain. However, their use is only suggested if having severe pain in the lower back. For slight pain medication should not be taken. They have some side effects also. Above all, take medications on doctor’s approval only.

All these methods are effective and are wide in use. Lower back gets complete relief from pain by applying these methods.