Tips to Treat Ashy Skin Simply

The alternative term of a very dry skin is called Ashy skin. This is a common occurrence and can be treated easily. Skin is the largest organ of human body. Human skin is also called as protective layer of the body that fights against sun, dust, pollution, cold weather etc. All these things are main causes of dry and itchy skin. Dry skin is also responsible for the production of dead skin cells on human body.  Chalky appearance on dry skin is called ashy skin. Ashy skin is more noticeable on darker skin as compare to fair skin or lighter tones. Almost every person faces the problem of dry skin. A person with the dry skin often looks older than their actual age. In this post you will read the various tips that are really helpful to treat ashy skin in a simple yet effective way but before these tips let’s understand the causes of ashy skin.

Causes of Ashy Skin: There are many causes of Ashy skin and few of them are mentioned here. Have a look.

Cold Weather: Cold weather is the mainly responsible for Ashy skin because in the cold weather the humidity levels get low and this cause the dryness in the air. When this dry air touches with our skin it absorbs the moisture from our skin and make our skin dry and parched. Along with it the use of heating systems like heaters in winters also make our skin dry because these heating systems produce dry air that takes away the moisture of our skin.

Too Much Scrubbing: Scrubbing your skin everyday is good to get rid of dirt and dust. However, too much scrubbing can be harmful to your skin as one may suffer from Ashy skin. Rubbing your skin with scrubber excessively leads to the dryness of the skin.

Hot Showers: Showering with hot water also makes your skin dry because hot showers cause the loss of essential oils. However, showering with hot water is really relaxing but it is also responsible for the loss of lipid layer of the skin.

Irritants the Skin: There are many causes of irritation like fabrics, detergents and many more. These are irritants of the skin and lead to dryness of the skin. Besides it all other alcohol based perfumes also dry out the skin.

Health Factors: There are various health factors that are also responsible for the dryness of the skin. Malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, diabetes, stress etc. are some common health concerns that are also responsible for the dryness of the skin.

Ageing: As we get old our skin loses its elasticity and becomes thin. Ageing is of the most common factor that plays a major role in making our skin dry and parched.

How to Treat Ashy Skin: Tips that are really helpful to get rid of dry skin are listed below.

Moisturize your Skin: Moisturizing the dry skin area with a moisturizing cream regularly is really helpful to get rid of ashy skin. Using moisturizing cream once in a week will not help you at all. You can get moisturizing cream easily from your nearby market.

Skincare Products: Using skincare products according to your skin type. Your moisturizer should be light in the summers and heavy in the winters. Along with it your skin care products should be odor-free and mild in nature.

Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking plenty of water everyday keeps your body hydrated and prevent various skin problems including ashy skin and many more. Water plays an important role to flush out the toxins from the body. By drinking plenty of water your skin cells stay nourished and prevents skin from drying.

Healthy Eating: Eating healthy and well balanced diet is also helpful to get rid of ashy skin and provides essential nourishment to the body. Healthy eating includes vegetables, fruits, lentils, sprouts, pulses, dairy products, eggs and many more. All these food items are rich in all types of essential vitamins and minerals that are high in water content and good for hydration. You can also use dietary supplements like multivitamins etc. to meet with the requirements of nutrients.

Lifestyle: Unhealthy lifestyle choices also lead to clogged skin pores, acne, blackheads, warts etc. Smoking and drinking should be stopped as these two lifestyle habits are responsible for all kind of health problems. Smoking reduces the lungs capacity and affects blood circulation. At the other hand alcohol dehydrates our body and reduces the ability of body to absorb fluids. The loss of water in our body leads to patchy and dry skin.