A Daily Walk for a Healthy Life

Health is certainly the greatest wealth and even money cannot buy it. A healthy life is a great blessing indeed. Everyone dreams for a healthy life because illness and bad health spoil the joy of life. However, to have a healthy life one has to strive. You cannot expect to be in good health if you have adopted an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Nobody can deny the importance of daily walk for a healthy life. Walk has countless benefits. A normal person should walk for at least 30 minutes a day. It decreases the risk of various harmful diseases. Let’s have a look what a good walk can help you with.

The Morning Walk Freshens Up

A morning walk is good for a fresh and active start of day. It keeps you active all day long. It gives a chance to breathe in fresh and clean morning air, affecting your lungs and general health positively.

Walk Releases Work Stress

An evening walk releases stress of the work done whole day. Stretching a bit along with walk relaxes muscle spasm as well.

Walk Improves Digestive System

A walk after dinner helps digest the meal and saves from various gut diseases like Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Walk Controls Hypertension

A daily walk is good to control your hypertension. Uncontrolled hypertension affects many organ systems of body. So if you are suffering from hypertension or want to avoid hypertension, adopt daily walk habit.

Walk Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common diseases these days. Due to increased prevalence owing to modern lifestyle and genetic predisposition, many people are at risk to develop diabetes. A daily walk is good to keep yourself safe from diabetes.

Walk Controls Blood Sugar Levels

If you are suffering from diabetes already, you should never miss your daily walk routine. Walk helps control your blood sugar levels and saves you from organ damage. High blood sugar levels damage kidney, nerves, and eyes the most.

Walk Is Good For A Healthy Heart

A daily walk makes your heart stronger. It helps control the levels of bad cholesterols in your blood. These cholesterols are generally known as LDLs. Walk also helps increasing the levels of HDLs which are good lipids. A 30 minutes’ walk per day can decrease the risk of heart diseases up to 27 percent.

Walk Helps Maintain Weight

Obesity is the root of various lethal diseases, including heart problems and diabetes. A daily walk can help you lose weight and it also maintains weight in normal limits. A brisk walk burns lots of calories in very short time.
Walk Prevents Dementia

Latest researches show that walk plays an important role in preventing dementia in old age. Older people who have a habit to walk almost a mile per day, including the walk during daily tasks, tend to have better memories because walk prevents brain shrinkage. So if you have a family history of dementia, walk is surely a must for you.

Walk Tones Up Muscles

This is a well-known fact but just to remind you, walk tones up muscles. So if you are looking for some nice muscle toning but are unable to join gym, give walk a go. A walk uphill works more efficiently. It tones calves, thighs, and hips. If you give proper attention to your posture during walk, abs and waist can be toned as well.

Walk Boosts Vitamin D Production

When you walk, it gives an opportunity of sun exposure. Sunlight is good for the health. It boosts vitamin D production in skin and improves bone health. Vitamin D deficiency is a common health problem these days. So adopt a walk routine and make your bones stronger.

Walk Boosts Energy Levels

Walk energizes each and every cell of your body by boosting the oxygen supply. Walk automatically leads to deep breaths, and hence more oxygen intake that ultimately reaches every cell.

Walk Prevents Depression

Walk releases the mental stress. Researches show that a good walk prevents depression and improves the mood. Walk plays same role as mild to moderate anti-depressant drugs. So for good mental health, walk is certainly a good idea.

Walk Improves Life Expectancy

Walk can improve your life expectancy. Researches show that the people who had a habit to walk daily, lived seven years longer than the ones who didn’t have walk as a part of their daily routines. So if you want to live longer, start a walk routine today.

These are just a few benefits of walk. A daily walk costs nothing but do wonders for your health. So adopt a walk routine today and live a healthier life.