Welcome summer with Bright Skin

Now it’s time to pack your woollen clothes and welcome summer. Summer is one of the best seasons to look fresh, represent the beauty with style but this beauty is incomplete without skin care. Radiant skin makes you concentrative in crowd. So, we should take care of it and prevent the skin from damages. Heat of the sun may cause number of harm to your skin such as sun tanning, inflammation etc. Other damages of skin are wrinkles, dry skin, pimples, premature ageing, and also other bacterial infections.

Here, this article we began with some suggestions for you as:

Apply Sunscreen – Sunscreen is the easy way to protect your skin from sunburn. It helps your skin to protect from UV rays of sun which can cause tanning and inflammation. For example if your skin turns red after 10 min in the sun then a sunscreen with SPF 15 should allow you to spend 150 min in the sun. Now you wonder about what exactly meaning of SPF? SPF stands for SUN PROTECTION FACTOR which indicates the degree time in which sunscreen protects your skin from direct sun rays. However, there is no assurance that how much amount of SPF protects your skin without any harm. Perhaps, higher SPF sunscreen contains more chemicals. Oily skin must avoid sunscreen higher than SPF20.

Only use of sunscreen is not only solution to protect your skin. It is an immediate solution of protection which contains lots of chemical. It is just a part to prevent the skin but there are many other solutions which may help you out.

Skin Needs Water – Water is the best source of minerals for our body. For good health doctors advised to drink plenty of water. Water is the source which nourishes the skin from inside. Hydrated skin is always a signature of good health and during summers one can easily gets de-hydrated that effects freshness and glow of skin as it easily gets dry which results wrinkles, dark spots, dullness etc. Water flush out impurities and other waste substances in form of urine from the body, helps to clean the skin from inside. Dazzling personalities drink 5 to 7 litres of water in their daily routine which results in flawless skin. So, all personalities who are reading must include this in your routine.

Turn Towards Healthy Diet Skin needs healthy diet with balanced nutrients and vitamins and summer is an ideal time to eat light food and fruity juicy fruits. Light diet is best in high temperature season; ignore more sugar and spice, do boycott over eating and deep fried foods. Plan your food with fruits n vegetable salad; fruits like orange, apple, guava, papaya etc and in vegetables add carrot, beetroot, radish, cucumber etc.

Before planning your diet, remember to choose good fat not bad one and also avoid cholesterol. Fat is also important source of healthy skin; without fat skin easily gets dry and glow of skin diminishes. One should include whole grain food like oats etc and small amount of fat in the diet in form of nuts and dry fruits like almonds, cashew or groundnuts and fish also. They provide essential oil to the skin and joint of bones; provides natural moisture to your skin.

Give Rest to Your Skin – It’s very difficult to take care of your skin in such a busy life else everyone wants to look elegant and perfect. For that look we all prefer makeup or fairness lotion which is easy to put on for perfect look. All these contain chemicals which help you to look beautiful but they could not make you beautiful. Makeup can only brush up your skin from outside but from inside it starts ruining your skin. So try to avoid makeup as much as you can. It’s obvious that makeup is need of every woman but try to avoid if it is not necessary like during vacations, inside your home or car. Regular use of makeup can damage your skin quality so make sure you spend at least one day without makeup in a week. You can relax your skin by taking complete 8 or 6 hours sleep which recovers skin tissues. Make your morning by refreshing your skin with lemon juice and honey. This will helps to rebuild your skin.

Skin Care Before And After Swimming – Summer time everyone enjoy swimming but skin needs special care before and after it. As we know swimming is done in open so it’s better to put sunscreen to the body to prevent sun tanning. Pool water contains chlorine which is not suitable for our skin it can cause allergy, itching or other bacterial infections. After swimming, take bath so that chlorine must wash out properly.

Make Right Choice for Clothes – Clothes plays a significant role to protect skin during summers. Always take care of the fabric and colour of your outfit while outing. Choose light yellow, white, peach, blue etc summer shades and fabric for summer. Now days, it is easy to find good fabric for summers, many outfits mentions UV protection rating also. For protection from sun tan make sure your skin should cover properly, besides this you can put on cool and stylish hats or sunglasses; helps to protect sensitive skin area of  eyes. Eye skin is more sensitive and soft; can easily shatter results in wrinkles, dark circles and make your skin older before time. Note Use perfumes over clothes not directly to your skin.

Skin is natural so give rest to your skin so that it can breathe and recover properly. All of us want a brighter, younger looking skin. It is more pivotal that your skin must be healthy rather than fair white. This summer refresh your skin with different methods, diet or refreshing juices. Let your skin also enjoy this summer.