Which exercise burns the most calories

One question which is on the minds of many people is that which exercise burns the most calories, this is because of the fact that people now, have a variety of exercises to choose from. Working out at the gym and toning up one’s muscles is one thing, but for those who want weight loss, there are some exercises which give better results than others.

The exercise that burns the most calories is one that will involve intense physical activity. In order to burn these calories you need to spend energy, and weight lifting is not the right decision, as far as it comes to cutting down on fat. For you to know which exercise burns the most calories you have to understand that reducing calories is only possible if your exercises are extremely intense. There is no other alternative.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Weight loss and cardiovascular exercises go hand in hand. There are many different forms of cardio exercises that can be performed by you, and each of them has their own different advantages for the various muscle groups of the body. The common thing about all of them though, is that they are easily the very best options for losing extra calories and losing weight. The answer to the question, “What exercise burns the most calories?” is cardiovascular exercises, and the type of cardiovascular exercise is totally your decision.

Under cardio exercises you have the choice of jogging, skipping, swimming, walking, sprinting, running on the treadmill, trekking or playing any kind of sport which requires intense physical activity. All these exercises are not only beneficial for the body, but they are fun as well. There are certain muscle groups which are targeted by each of the muscle groups mentioned above, and they also provide an escape from the hectic life that people normally lead. People who swim or jog regularly, will always stand by it, also, it makes one feel more active and enthusiastic. This in turn begs the question, “What cardio exercise helps in losing the most calories?” swimming is the perfect answer to that question.

Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise today and it tones almost all the muscles in the body. This is why one feels very hungry immediately after swimming, as spends a lot of energy while swimming. Along with being one of the most complete exercises around, swimming is also a lot of fun and is one of the best ways to spend free time. Another fun and effective way of getting rid calories is through aerobics as also help growth of every muscle present. The quantity of calories that are burnt by calories can be only found out by asking an aerobics expert.

At the Gym

many people tend to exercise in the gym just to beef on their muscles and do not give priority to basic health. They do not realize the fact that building pseudo muscles does not help them in any way if they are not fit otherwise. They tend to forget that when it comes to exercising the most important tool, is your body. Heavy and complicated machines have their own advantages but the same calories can be burnt by exercising outdoors without spending money. However if you want use gym equipment, make sure that the intensity level suits you. Always remember that a body made by exercising outdoors is better than one made at the gym.

Average time to run a mile

The average time to run a mile is often the topic of a lot of debates around the world as it helps people compare their speed and improve it. A mile translates into roughly 1.6 kilometers and this is the most basic scale against at which a runner can actually get to know his speed.

The average time to run a mile is about 10 minutes, but it can change depending on many other factors which include proper running form, the age of the individual, the medical condition, his physical condition like stamina and strength, and also the terrain where he is attempting to run a mile. It is certain that a younger male who is in peak physical condition and is well trained, will finish the mile faster than who is in the latter half of his life and has breathing problems.

Average Times

In the basic training that the army provides, recruits are given nine minutes to run a mile. Thus, for normal people ten minute is a good time to complete a mile since recruits in the army are physically much more capable when compared with the regular people.

High schools around the country regularly hold tests and running races so as to get their students fit, and as a part of these races the students are trained to run a mile in less than ten minutes. Students who are a part of the athletic and track team, or the football team are capable enough to run a mile in lesser times. The speed at which one runs also affects the average time to run a mile. Any individual can reduce his time to run a mile by increasing their running speed but this also has a negative impact as it will result in decreasing their stamina and they may not be able to complete the race.

Average Time to Run a Mile by Age

Now as a person grows older, his strength and power improves until it reaches a peak and a downward curve becomes. Once he reaches his upper limit, his performance will not increase further. A fifteen year old boy will not be able to compete with a twenty seven year old man because of the fact that his muscles have not been fully developed. Similarly, he will easily do better than a sixty year old man because of the fact that the old man’s best days are way past him. Studies have shown that it takes a fully fit fifteen years old about six minutes to run a mile, ten minutes for a fit thirty year old and fourteen minutes for a sixty year old. Age is not the only criterion for measuring performance, a lot depends on the height of a person, his body mass, muscle tone etc. If a person has some kind of respiratory disorder it greatly affects his running performance. Even the gender of a person comes into account in some cases as men are known to be faster than women.

It has also been observed that people who run a mile everyday are always in a good mood as the running tends to take away the depression and any other stress related issues.
The time of running a mile can only be reduced by regular practice. Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, it also gives you a sense of satisfaction which is equally important.