Wonderful Tips to Stay Healthy and Stress Free

A shower at night is bad or good for health is a big question among people. Many support this clause while many others disagree with it. However, the real true answer to it is that shower at night is absolutely a good idea. Bathing refreshes a person wholly. The entire day’s tiredness and fatigue just vaporizes in a blink of an eye. It is essential to take bath in the night. Discussing benefits of bathing at night will help in understanding this entire concept in deep. Night bath has many benefits. Below they are mentioned in points.

Night bath gives cozy, soft and energizing feeling. A person feels completely refreshed and can perform night tasks with ease. It is a best feeling to take bath in the night. In the night one should take bath with warm water only. Warm water thoroughly cleanses the body. It also helps in opening body pores. Through the open pores all toxins come out and leave the body clean and reinvigorated. Shower in the night relaxes the entire body. It also gives a light feeling to the body, which relieves all stress.

The problem of low blood pressure also gets reduced by taking shower in the night.

Muscles gets cramped and constricted with entire day’s work. Bath in the night relaxes muscles. It also releases body’s pain and soothes the entire body. Make it sure you are taking lukewarm water bath. Bathing in the night does not cost you anything. It is the most cost effective way to keep body fresh and stress-free. Otherwise, nowadays people do lots of activities for retaining tranquility of body and mind.

Night bath gives a chance to keep all worries at bay for some time and be in you. The warmth of water is so refreshing that a person just enjoys bath and nothing else comes to his or her mind.
When a person is relaxed romantic mood automatically generates from within. Have a warm water bath and keep your partner also happy.

Taking bath in the night keeps that sweet smell around you throughout the night. It gives you a sweet and peaceful sleep.

The problem of insomnia is also treated by taking bath in the night.

Tips for Skincare during summers

Here is the list of things that you can do to take care of your skin during summer season.

1) Maintain cleanliness of your body and keep yourself cool

Keep your skin clean and cool by taking bath every day. Keep yourself away from dirt and impurities for that clean your hands, hair, legs each time you enter home. Drink lots of cool drinks such as lemon juice, orange juice, or any other fruit juice. Try to be away from the sun at least from 11 am to 4 pm and due to any reason if you have to go outside then male sure that you are wearing a hat and a full sleeves shirt.

2) Sunscreen

It does not really matter where you stay, whether its Africa or Alaska, you definitely need to use an effective sunscreen lotion that will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. Choose the right type of SPF cream and apply it each time you have to go outside in the hot sun.

3) Face-wash

If you live in a hot climatic region then it’s important for you to take bath daily or even twice a day. Soap kills your skin cells and makes your skin dry and rough. It will not just make your skin looks ugly but they are places to deposit dust particle and germs. Instead of soap opt for face-wash or a body-wash to protect your skin.

4) Have a healthy diet

Maximum percent of your skin health and complexion depends in your diet. Always remember you do not have to lose anything during summer, you diet should somewhat lesser than what you would eat during winter. Reduce the amount of team coffee and hot liquids instead go for fresh fruit juices.

5) Keep you under parts clean

Keep your armpits, heels, area between your finger and legs clean and dry. Since, they are the breeding homes for bacteria and fungus.

6) Toning and moisturizing

An important beauty secret to a young and a glowing skin is moisturizing and cleanliness. Make a regular visit to your parlor and get your skin toned, and ask them to moisturize your skin with a suitable moisturizer.

7) Deodorants and Body sprays

Along with a clean body and a good smelly body is cool too so you can make use of various deodorants and body spray.