Zenegra 100mg Finest and Strongest ED Cure

The medicine is called by the name of Zenegra, which is a generic medicine used by a lot of men who are affected by the common sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction. This sexual condition is also popularly called male impotency. This common sexual problem is known to mostly affect the men in their middle age or older age. But, even the younger men may experience it due to some of the reasons. Erectile dysfunction is the type of the sexual problem due to which the men cannot get the quality penile erection. This is known to happen even when they are subjected to good level of sexual stimulation. When the men are not able to achieve the hardness in the genitals they are not able to have the proper sexual intercourse. Some men are able to achieve penile erection and not able to maintain it, others do not get any hardness at all. This problem can be taken care of by consuming Zenegra.

What causes the ED issue in men?

ED sexual disorder is primarily caused due to aging. Men around the age of 40 begin to experience earlier signs of the ED. As they grow older the issue becomes more pronounced. Due to this problem men are not able to experience the penile stiffness and even when they do they are not able to maintain it.  But, what we must know is that aging is not the only cause. There are many other reasons. For instance, young men who have been subjected to prolonged stress, anxiety and depression may experience the problem too. There are some diseases too which may affect the potency of men.

To be able to enjoy a fuller and happy life our state of mind needs to be in good shape. Men who are going through the phase of ED issue do not have a good state of mind. This happens because they are sexually stimulated but not able to have the sexual intercourse. It is a known fact that lack of sexual life can lead to frustration and stress. In fact, both the partners get affected as both of them are not able to enjoy the process of lovemaking. This may also result in the strained relationship between the couples. When there is stress in life it impacts the life all round. This is the reason why, to have better quality life, it is important to treat the ED issue with Zenegra.

Zenegra is primarily made of the popular component called Sildenafil Citrate. This is the same component which is used for the making of Viagra, a very popular medicine for male impotency. Sildenafil works as the PDE-5 inhibitor. This component makes sure that the blood supply to the genitals is restored so that men can have the penile erection again. It not only enables erection but also helps in maintaining it.

Here is a quick look at the working mechanism of Zenegra:

To get the penile erection, the blood supply to the genitals must be proper.

  • Cyclic GMP is the chemical enzyme which aids the supply of blood to the penile region.
  • It combines with Nitric Oxide and makes sure that the muscles of the genitals are relaxed. The relaxed muscles allow the enhanced flow of blood through the genital blood vessels.
  • The men who have the ED issue do not experience proper blood supply because PDE-5 enzyme affects the working of cGMP.
  • To make sure that cGMP works properly, Sildenafil Citrate in Zenegra curbs the working of PDE-5. This is why it is called PDE-5 inhibitor.
  • This makes sure that the blood supply to the genitals is back to normal and there is proper erection.

The dosage details are often recommended by the doctor. Usually, this is what is recommended by most doctors:

One pill of Zenegra 100 mg is prescribed for the men with the ED sexual condition.

  • One dose should be consumed in the period of 24 hours. Dosage must not be increased without doctor’s permission.
  • The medicine is to be ingested by men who have the average health and are less than 55 years of age.
  • Consume the medicine at least 45 minutes before you plan to have sexual intercourse. This will give enough time to the medicine to be effective.
  • Consume Zenegra with water as it is highly soluble and works faster this way.
  • Do not crush or break the medicine before ingesting it.
  • Zenegra may have its effect lasting for about 6 hours.

They do not also last for a long time. In case the side effects become severe or last longer than the normal it would be best to seek medical help.

Common side effects:

  • Nasal area congestion
  • Blurred vision
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Reddening of the face or flushing
  • Dizziness and headache

Who can consume this medicine?

Zenegra is to be consumed only by men who have the ED condition. It must not be consumed for enhanced sexual performance. The men with average health and under 55 years of age may consume this medicine.

Who should not consume Zenegra?

This medicine is not meant for women and hence they must consume it lest it cause medical complications. Make sure kids do not consume it accidentally so keep it away from them.

Men who are older than 55 years should also avoid it, unless their doctor has approved it.

If there is a known medical condition or any medical history, the consumption of Zenegra must be avoided unless the doctor has approved it. Men who have cardiac, renal, or liver problems must stay away from it. Men on medicines must also avoid Zenegra or speak to the doctor.

What are the other precautions?

Remember the following before consuming Zenegra

Do not drive or deal with heavy machines after consuming Zenegra as it may cause dizziness. Do not consume nitrate with Zenegra or any food item containing nitrate, such as grapefruit.