Zenegra is a proven remedy to get men out of the condition, erectile dysfunction. It is a generic drug with high efficiency. Zenegra is made under strict medical supervision keeping GMP (Good manufacturing Practice) standards in mind. It contains Sildenafil citrate as the main chemical. The drug is highly approved for treating ED conditions and suitable to all despite cause of the problem and age of men. Ed is just a health condition and not a disease, hence intake of zenegra need not to be done regularly. Take the drug when sexual urge overtake. The drug remains active in the body for 4 to 5 hours. It gives results within 20 to 30 minutes. Men can successfully and with complete satisfaction complete the sexual activity.

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Mechanism of Zenegra Drug

Erectile dysfunction occurs in men as a result of decreased blood flow to the penile region. There are numerous causes behind the fall down of blood flow; however, when it happens it severely affects penile muscles. No blood is directly equivalent to no erection or faulty erections. Zenegra restores the flow of blood to the penis, thus lead to strong and long-lived erections. Zenegra only responds to stimulation, hence, while taking the drug for treating ED, be sure to be stimulated.
PDE5 enzyme is the root cause behind the occurrence of slowing down of blood flow to the penis. It acts as barrier between penile muscles and blood and halts the blood flow. Zenegra retards the activity of PDE5 enzyme by making it inactive. As this enzyme loses power, the growth of another enzyme cGMP takes place. cGMP functions effectively in helping blood to flow towards penis. Arteries and blood vessels in penis are relaxed by the drug by liberating nitric oxide. The more these arteries are unbent; blood finds it easier to enter penile area. With more and more blood flowing in penis, men attain stronger erections. This is how zenegra treats impotence and considered best for overcoming this problem.


Varying doses of zenegra are available for men. But, it is advised not to consume the drug without medical supervision. Let doctor check your health and figure out the right dose depending on the medical conditions and the severity of ED. After going through the medical history in detail doctors may prescribe either Zenegra 100 mg or Zenegra 50 mg to deal with impotence. Dose can be changed, on doctor’s advice only, depending on the results. The prescribed dose is necessarily to be taken only once a day. Doubling the dose does not double the results and only lead to health consequences. Stick to one pill in a day. The next dose can only be taken after the completion of 24 hours. Taking zenegra one hour before the love making is highly advised as the drug does not give immediate results. The dose should be taken with water only as it helps dose to get dissolved quickly. Fatty meals should be avoided before taking zenegra to avoid the delay of results. Urge to make love is fundamental when planning to take zenegra as this drug is not an aphrodisiac.

Side Effects

Zenegra may show some undesirable upshots on uptake. It depends on individual to individual. Usually after first taking it some untoward consequences may take place, which is perfectly normal. These occurrences start to wear off within 2 to 3 hours of the intake. Once the body get used to the drug, these effects stop occurring completely. The need for treatment springs up if they take longer to disappear or don’t disappear at all. Some common side effects of zenegra are- insomnia, reddening of face, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, running nose, blur eyesight, stomach upset, and drowsiness and so on.
Zenegra can be dangerous too if the dosage is increased without doctor’s advice or overdosing is done. Serious consequences of the drug are- heavy dizziness, coronary failure, pain in chest, strokes, high blood pressure, priapism, blindness, etc. These side effects require immediate medical care.


Fend off zenegra if having an allergy to any of its chemicals, especially, Sildenafil citrate.
Exclusively use the drug for treating impotence. Trying it for treating any other sexual disorder can be dangerous.
Do not consider the drug as birth control pill or prevention against STD’s or HIV.
Dizziness factors associated with the drug debars men from undertaking any activity for certain time after the drug uptake.
Men above 60 years should necessarily consult doctor before taking zenegra.
Alcohol and grapefruit should not be taken with the drug.
Health problems like eye condition, high or low blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, kidney or liver problems, etc call for doctor’s consultation prior taking zenegra.
Always check for expiry date before taking the drug.


Zenegra should be avoided by women and children completely. This drug is all for men with impotence.
Being accustomed to the drug makes you addicted to it. Therefore, take the drug when needed.
If consume nitrates, whether regularly or when needed, don’t take zenegra in the least. The drug reacts with nitrates and causes severe health hazards.
If on the consumption of recreational drugs or any other PDE5 inhibitor, lease don’t take zenegra.