Bimatoprost is a caring solution for eyes. Health problems of varying degrees are taking great toll on lives these days. Eye problems also play a big role. There are many eyes in the world undergoing pain due to glaucoma (a condition in which fluid accumulates in eye, one or both, and gradually the pressure keep increasing leading to gradual loss of vision). Eyelash fall is another major issue in the world of eye problems. One and only solution that expeditiously work towards treating both these eye disorders is Bimatoprost.

It is a solution form prescribed medication for glaucoma and eyelash fall. Bimatoprost eye-drops works on glaucoma by reducing pressure inside eyes. The solution triggers eye fluid to flow out of eyes, therefore, saving eyes from fluid pressure. If eyelash fall is the problem, apply the solution on lashes and within some time eyelashes will grow healthy and thick. Use this drug under medical supervision only.

How to use the drug for best results?

Bimatoprost should be taken only on doctor’s recommendation. The dose should be administered on the dot as suggested. Do not make any self changes in the dosing pattern; else glaucoma symptoms can be aggravated. Bimatoprost is advocated to be taken only once in 24 hours. Best time to instill the eye drops is in the evening. Daily use the drug at the same time only. Frequently changing drug timings affect treatment process. Using the drug more than recommended, decreases its intraocular pressure lowering effect. It is said, the drug starts working in lowering fluid pressure inside eyes after four hours. Maximum effect of the drug reaches within approx 8 to 12 hours. Do not stop using the drug on own. Continue using even if feeling well. Only when your doctor gives says, discontinue the drug. It is very important to take complete course of the drug recommended for longer effective results. If using any other eye drops with bimatoprost, keep a gap of five minutes between both drugs.

How to instill Bimatoprost eye drops?

Follow the following steps:

Before using bimatoprost wash your hands cleanly. It is very important.Before instilling eye drops check dropper tip that eye drops are coming out smoothly.Do not touch dropper tip with hands or anything else to prevent the contamination of the medication.If you use contact lenses, remove them out before putting in eye drops. Contact lenses absorb chemical present in bimatoprost. You can put back the lenses after 15 minutes.Tilt head slightly backwards and make a pouch of eyes by pulling down lower eyelid.Hold bottle close to eye without touching it.Squeeze the dropper and put suggested number of eye drops.If two drops are suggested by a doctor in the same eye, it is important to wait for at least 5 minutes before instilling another drop.After the drug use, tighten the cap.Wash hands again to wipe out left medication on hands.What to do if the dose is missed?

As soon as it clicks you that dose is missed, instill the eye drops. However, avoid the dose if it is almost time for your next dose to take. Start your regular dosing schedule again. Do not frequently miss the dose as it may hamper the treatment process.What if overdose is suspected?

Immediately check with your doctor. Overdosing can be extremely harmful to your eyes and may trigger certain side effects.

Important points to remember before using Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost is a drug having tendency to interact with some of medical conditions. Inform your doctor if the following below mentioned medical conditions apply to you before taking the drug- Bimatoprost:
Tell about your pregnancy or if planning to become pregnant in the future. Also, if breastfeeding, tell your doctor. If any prescription, non prescription drugs, herbal supplements or other dietary supplements are taken by you. If having allergy to Bimatoprost chemicals or to any other foods or substances. If having any other problem related to eye.If eye surgery is planned for the future.
If having other types of glaucoma like narrow angle glaucoma.

Side effects with Bimatoprost

Rarely people are seen going through side effects after taking this eye medication. Some common side effects may be faced, but they are incapable of causing harm and do not persist for long time as well. Burning sensation in eyes, itchiness, dryness, redness, headache, tear production and eye pain are all normal symptoms.
Severe side effects are also a part of Bimatoprost. Experience allergic reactions like hives, itching, problem in breathing, tight feeling in chest, swelling in mouth, tips, tongue and lips, vision changes, inflammation, pink eye and sensitivity to light are serious symptoms and need to be treated straight off.Safety Tips
If you are allergic to Bimatoprost or to any other drug, please tell your doctor.
This drug is for the use in the eye only. Do not use it through nose or mouth.
Driving after putting bimatoprost eye drops should be prohibited.
Without checking with doctor, do not change recommended dosage of this drug.
Regularly attend all the appointments with your doctor. Eye check up done in those appointments tells the condition of your eyes.

Bimatoprost is a prescription drug. Do not let anyone use your drug.Safety Measures and Disposal Tips
The container the drug came in should be tightly closed always. Bimatoprost needs to be stored at room temperature. Make sure heat, light and moisture cannot affect it. Do not keep the drug container in kitchen and bathroom. If the drug has expired, dispose it off. Take your physician’s help in disposing the drug properly.