Brimonidine Tartrate

An eye disease is a common eye ailment in people that are caused by Glaucoma. It causes increase in levels of fluid with severe pain and impair of vision in eyes. The rise in fluids in eyes is because of the open angle Glaucoma. And, to treat it, Brimonidine Tartrate is the medicine used with prescription. You find it in the form of solution that can be used as eye drops. To the fact, Brimonidine Tartrate reduces the pressure on eyes and making less possibility of loss of vision or blindness and even saves from everlasting damages causes to the nerves in eyes.

Suppose, if you are sensitive to Benzalkonium chloride or Brimonidine tartrate, then stop using it as it may cause harsh side-effects when used. Even if using the drugs that are known as MAO inhibitor like Nardil, Eldepryl, Marplan and Parnate cause any side-effects then stop using them too.

Way to use

There are particular methods to use Brimonidine tartrate and below given are the ways to use this medicine in a serious way for proper effect.
Initially, you need to take certain advice from physicians before using this medicine in that way how much to have and how many times in a day. And, according to that you need to use it. Don’t make decisions of your own about the use, but instead use in the way prescribed by your physician in a right quantity.

Avoid holding the medicine with untidy hands as you know eyes are the most sensitive organ of the body which needs strict care in every way. It does not matter whether it is treating or cleaning, but your hands must be washed properly before you use this drug. You have to shake bottle in a fine way so that it gets mixed in a fine way. Use dropper to drop liquid into the eyes in a right and straight way. Now, drop equal amounts of Brimonidine Tartrate solution into the middle of your eyeball near lower eyelid. Now close your eyes gently nearly for a few minutes. There is no need to clean the dropper, but keep it safe that it does not come in to contact with other objects like hands or other useable things. Close the cap of the bottle in a proper way after using it. You know, drugs are very sensitive and need to keep safe without sharing with other person. Therefore, never share this eye solution with others.

In case, if you miss the use it, then use immediately when you got to remember its use. When it is out of time, then you can use directly in the next dose. But never try to cover the missed dose by leaving the next one as; it may have side-effects.


It is very important to store Brimonidine Tartrate in a right way as keeping it in improper way is of no further use. Go through the instructions of storage for a long time. The container of this medicine must be places in a straight position when not in use. Keep it in room temperature; between 15 to 25 digress Celsius which is perfect to store drugs. Whereas heat, moisture and light places are not suitable to preserve medicines as it may spoil it. Mainly this medicine is for adults but not for kids. Therefore keep it safe from the reach of the kids. Do not keep in unhygienic places as they are not the right place for medicines and dispose them off after the expiry date.

Its side effects:

There are certain side effects of Brimonidine Tartrate which are severe. When they happen, you need to take first aid which is more important. Below are given some of the side effects to go through. Initially, you may get itching, blurred vision, eye discomfort, dry mouth, redness in eye, feeling tired or drowsy. These are not so severe but can remain for more time when not treated in a proper way.
Even there are particular side effects too. You need to say to your physician if the side effects like; lasting headache, burning sensation, fast heartbeat, and light eye pain, severe sensitivity to light or change in vision occurs. Sometimes you may even have symptoms of severe allergic reactions like itching, severe dizziness, rashes, swelling and breathing problems.

The above given are not complete as there are other too which are not mentioned. Whenever you come across any unfamiliar side effects then take medical attention immediately.

Medicines to avoid during the use of this drug

This drug Brimonidine tartrate is reactive in nature with particular drugs and foods. It may cause severe side effects when combined with other foods which affect your health in a severe way. It is necessary take suggestion of physician in consuming it. Whichever drugs, herbal products and vitamins you use, it is your responsibility to inform your physician and then take this prescribed drug.

Inform your physician about your habits of taking hard beverages. You can take the drugs that makes you drowsy like tranquilizers, narcotic pain relief medicines, sleeping pills or allergy drugs. Your physician should have complete information about everything you use and then follow his advice. Suppose if you are an alcoholic then use of Brimonidine tartrate which can make you less attentive or sleepy.

Let your physician know whether you use Digoxin which is to reduce blood pressure, and beta blocker drugs which you consume orally or use in eye as drops like metoprolol, propranolol, atenolol, timolol, nadolol or other anti-depressants like imipramine, clomiprimine, amitriptyline or clomipramine. Based on all this, your physician advices you, what to consume with Brimonidinte tartrate and nothing else.


You need to be aware of what is important to remember before using the medicine as it has particular cautions related with it which will never let you to be wrong in using it. They are:

Suppose, if you are going through any problems such as: heart disease, liver problem or kidney problem or in case with blood circulation problems like lightheadedness, Raynaud’s, feeling pale due to low blood pressure etc. it is strictly advised to consult your physician before using Brimonidine tartrate.

It is not recommended for expecting women and to those who are breast feeding infants. They should take advice before its use. Never use any machinery after consuming this medicine as it may make you feel sluggish. It can be dangerous for your health and you need to get your eyes checked while consuming this medicine. Note all schedules whenever you make a visit to your physician.