Caverta is said to be boon for impotent men. This medication is extensively used in healing erectile dysfunction. This highly used impotence solvent improves erotic potentialities of men massively and makes their copulatory life energetic again. Generic medication is an excellent source of a chemical name Sildenafil citrate. This medication is provided is conservative pill form. It plays a dominant role in keeping penile difficulties at bay by making blood flow proper. Whatever your age may, you can experience sexual bliss with Caverta. No doubt, this pill is very trustworthy and facilitates men to give marvelous sexual performance.

Dosage of Caverta

Always take this pill under medical supervision. By following own dosing methods, the chances are high that you can get in trap of some stern health complication. It is wise to run to doctor if you are victim of this unpleasant condition and adopt his dosing instructions related the use of Caverta. Your health care professional will ask some questions about your health condition and then will suggest the dose. At the initial stage most physicians commence with 50 mg of this drug. Later he makes alterations in your dose relying on the consequence of the pill on you. Try maximum to evade making alterations in dosage on own.

Make sure that you have swallow Caverta when your body is fully sexually brisk. It fails to function if body is not sexually vigorous. The intake of this powerful pill should be done once in 24 hours time duration. Do not gulp the pill two times in a day. The tablet must be incorporated as a whole. Their result is hindered if broken or crushed. Utilized water only for swallowing purpose. Most importantly, consume Caverta tablet an hour prior to love making process.

Side Effects

Although caverta is a suggested ED medicine, but still it has possibilities of formulating certain side effects. The temporary side effects that do not stimulate any injury are head pain, becoming of red face, heartburn, lightheadedness, back pain, nasal congestion, diarrhea, etc. They are mainly detected side effects and mostly take place on consuming the medication. Best thing is they vanish in a short span. If they stay for elongated period consult physician without delaying.

Conversely, it has some worrisome side effects too. The list comprises heart attack, strokes, chest pain, trouble in sexual organ, hearing loss, etc. Allergies such as hives, inflammation of some facial parts, rashes on skin are also hazardous symptoms. In order to stave off these adverse side effects prefer medical check-up. Side effects are normal with all medications. The only way to evade them is incorporating the medication strictly under medical regulation.


It is indispensable to store Caverta in a safe and dirt free place. Appropriate storage is critically needed for it. In fact, it is prime requirement to store all medications in an appropriate way. Search for an air tight box and store these generic pills in it. Ensure that temperature of place is around 15-30 degree Celsius. Other temperatures ruin the medication very badly. Acute temperature, radiance and wetness are the three chief culprits from which the Caverta must be kept far-off. Their impact is worse on the medication so the medication stays no more functional. As the remedy can not fend heat and dampness, for the similar cause store it away from kitchen and bathroom as well. If the medication has outdated, storing at home is dangerous, so discard it sooner.


Drug must be consumed with prudence. The safety measures are best to beat side effects. Men with ED should take the medicine under medical support only. Self management can stimulate health perils. Caverta should not be allowed if allergies arise on consuming Sildenafil. Have a word with your medical expert whether you are sensitive to its key component or not. Nitrate instantly respond with this generic remedy and enhances danger of grievous health issues. So, stay away from it while intake of the drug. Alcohol augments threat of chronic wooziness; hence it should also be warded off consuming. If confronting any of health issues from before, prefer Caverta on doctor’s consent only.

Dealing with machineries after intake of Caverta give rise to many complications, so good is to avert them. It is wrong conception that medication has power to protect against STD’s. It is simply proposed for treating impotence issue and has nothing to do with other things. Last but not least; void relying on the medication for each sexual intercourse.

Benefits of Caverta

Caverta is a globally approved and highly reliable ED medication. It has returns happiness by improving sex lives of majority of men across the world. The great advantage of the medicine is, it is simple to utilize. The medication is an outstanding formula for overcoming impotence blues. All penile troubles are healed within half an hour to one hour duration. Pill greatly sustains sexual health of men by improving erections intensely. Transaction of this tablet is in millions and day by day it is rising even more. You can purchase this medication without difficulty via online. Sexual health is an integral part of blissful living and with Caverta it is easily possible.