Dry eye is a condition when eyes become completely devoid of fluid. Generally eyes are always filled with fluid that keeps lubrication in eyes. Eyes remain smooth and soft due to that liquid. However, deficiency o fluid in eyes is a condition called dry eye disease. It is a serious condition as eyes are at great risk. To treat dry eye condition a drug is available called Cyclosporine. This eye drug belongs to the group of drugs called immunomodulators. Cyclosporine efficiently treats dry eyes by increasing tear production.

How to Apply Cyclosporine?

Cyclosporine is a solution form eye drug. To treat dry eyes, doctor suggests certain number of drops to the affect eye or eyes. Follow the suggested dosage strictly. Do not increase or decrease eye drops on own. Cyclosporine can be dictated to use twice a day. If so, keep 12 hours gap between the two doses. Daily timings of the drug to be used should be same. When drug is taken at same timing every day, results are more effective and accurate. Cyclosporine is a pure eye drug. Do not apply it to skin or take it through mouth.

What if the drug is overused?

Overdose is harmful to heath. Doctor should be immediately contacted. Do not overdose. Keep to dosing instructions given by a doctor.

What if the dose is missed?

If at scheduled time you forget to take the drug, take it sooner you recall. However, it is not suggested to take the dose if by the time you remember, it is almost time for your next dose to take. In that case, resume to regular dosing schedule and try not to forget the drug from next time. Doubling the dose to catch up may trigger side effects.

Important Points

Before using Cyclosporine wash your hands properly.
Check whether drops are smoothly flowing out or not.
Dropper tip should not be touched to prevent contamination.
Tilt head slightly backwards and make a pouch of eyes by pulling down lower eyelid.

Hold the bottle near to the eye.
Shake bottle and put in suggested number of eye drops.
Keep eyes closed for 2 minutes.
Do not blink or rub eyes.
If eye drops have come out, wipe them with tissue.
After using the drug, again wash hands with soap.
If using contact lenses, remove them before using Cyclosporine. After 15 minutes you can put them back.

Possible Side Effects

Cyclosporine is a prescribed drug for dry eyes. When use it under medical guidance, it is sure your physician has recommended because he thinks the drug would do better than giving risks. Side effects are seldom expected. However, some common side effects have propensity to come to the fore in order to show your body is accepting the drug slowly. However, these symptoms do not last long; hence do not require to be treated. Notify doctor if these side effects last for long time against their nature. Don’t bother about common side effects like:

Burning sensation, itchiness, eye pain, red eyes, blurriness, eye discharge, vision changes and feeling that something in eye etc.

Experiencing serious side effects with Cyclosporine is unlikely. But, if they occur, it is important to seek medical help straight away. Allergic reactions like rashes, severe itching, swelling in tongue, lips, face and throat, dizziness, irregular breathing etc are all serious symptoms and need at once treatment. Other than these side effects if you experience any other unwanted symptom, see your healthcare professional.

Important Safety Measures

Make sure with your doctor, before using Cyclosporine, that your body is not allergic to this drug or to any of its essential ingredients. If you are allergic to the drug, don’t take it at all in order to avoid health problems.
If you are using any prescription, non prescription, herbal supplements or vitamins, tell about them to healthcare provider. Your Cyclosporine dose may be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any medical condition, please discuss them with doctor, and ask him whether still Cyclosporine is beneficial for your eyes or not. Especially, if you are going through liver problems, kidney disorders, eye problems, etc, it is mandatory to discuss them with doctor.

If you also have other eye disorders, other than dry eye, inform your physician.

If you have planned any eye surgery for the near future, please don’t forget to mention about it to your doctor.

Any activity requiring clear vision, like driving, needs to be avoided for certain period of time. It‘s because after using Cyclosporine you may face blur vision.

Women planning to become pregnant or are pregnant, should tell about it to doctor. Breastfeeding mothers also need to tell about it to doctor.
Using Cyclosporine with contact lenses may make the chemical present in the drug to be absorbed by lenses. Therefore, take out contact lenses prior the drug use. After 15 minutes you can wear your lenses again.
Sharing of this drug with your friends or family or with anyone else is dangerous. The drug should only be taken with written instructions from a doctor.

Storage Instructions

Right storage is important to every drug so as to avoid damage. In case of Cyclosporine, a normal room temperature is best.

Store the drug away from heat, light and moisture as they act hard on the drug.

Storing the drug in bathroom or kitchen should be avoided as temperatures of these places are unfit for Cyclosporine.

Store Cyclosporine away from children and pets.

Bottles should be firmly closed in order to avoid interaction with outside atmospheric conditions.

The expired drug should not be flushed or simply thrown away. Consult your pharmacist for safe drug disposal.