Dukemeds.com is a trusted reliable online pharmacy that majorly trades in Generic drugs only, the drug traded on this site is manufactured by other and not us. Similarly, it is advisable to confer doctor previously before admitting any drug sold on this site, as the site is not responsible for any of the amiss and information pertaining the usage and dosage of the drug. Plus, it is always intimated to accompany all the premeditations ordinance interlinked with the uptake of the drug and also those affirmed by your doctor. Furthermore, Dukemeds.com is also not accountable for any severe aftermaths and devastation caused by the ordered drug, apparently.

All the content and information acknowledged on this site is strictly for instructive purpose and thus it should not be conceived or subbed as a medical advice normally. In simple verdict, the information should not be utilized for medical genre alike curing, regaling, or diagnosing several assured health ailments. Similarly, to buy a product from Dukemeds.com a person should be 18 above, an adult person is eligible to engage with us.

In the same way, merchandise damaged during impost procedure or on impost side, and then subsequently and for the same Dukemeds.com is not held responsible for the reimbursement. The reason behind the cheesy price of the medication sold over here is we directly load stuff from the manufacturers itself which enable us to hold on the price so low. As an online pharmacy, we do not tend or recommend any kind of drug to our customer; the customer is solely responsible for whatsoever gains and loss referring the drug proceeds ultimately.

Besides, mending the dosage as per your requisite without consulting your doctor can be lethal concerning your health, so do not commit this blunder.  And also, Dukemeds.com is not eligible for any kind of reimbursement regarding the drug if it is returned regarding to inaccurate selective information furnished by him/her or rather any customer. The main motto of our pharmacy is to render drugs at cheap price so that any person from any corner or background can buy it online, to fulfill their desires. Pharmacy sub-serves and customer satisfaction is our, centric motto.

In any exigency, wrong or overdue case of drug on our part and due to our fault, will be reclaimed and also if the need arise we’ll reship the whole consignment without any extra claims, but only under rightful claims and relevant circumstances. Similarly, prices of the drug are subject to changes without any former intimation, so there is no such issue regarding the fixed price of the drug. Plus, the accessibility of the drug depends upon the stock of the drug interchangeably.

For the same, customer can alter or cancel the order within 24 hours of placing the actual order, after that it won’t be liable and valid. And also refund and cancellation of the order is not accepted once the consignment is shipped. Any changes in the order are done and accepted formerly before pre-shipment of the drug and not Post-shipment equally. Also, if the refund request information fails to fulfill the norms of the refund policy; will automatically halt and invalidate request of the same.

Any qualms, question pertaining the quality and manufacturing of the product should be verified and cleared with respective party in heads. For the most, Dukemeds.com also doesn’t claims that the drug sold herein, is safe and fault-free that will anyhow in any circumstance work for you, no certainly not.  Therefore, it is suggested and advisable to seek a proper valid consent from a practicing licensed doctor before admitting and ordering the drug online for safety purpose.

Note:  All the claims, queries and qualms are only answerable if they fit into norms of the respective policies, accurately. Otherwise if not then they are nullified on obvious basis and grounds, particularly.