Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

1) Is, drug manufactured outside India are safe to employ ?

Certainly, yes, any drug or product bought and sold at our website is approved and manufactured branded generic drug manufacturers. Hence a person don’t have to worry about its safety, you can hassle free trade with us without any qualms for sure. Plus, we doesn’t deal in product that are not licensed or approved to sell online, we only trade in reliable genuine product.

2) Is it vital to cite accurate drug name while trading with DukeMeds.com ?

No, not really, the drug can be ordered by its generic or brand name which mainly describes it category under which it falls. In addition, we also  render you with all drug names in almost all language so that you should not confront any difficulty in locating the same.

3) What class of drug do you trade mostly ?

We trade in almost all class of drug but mostly in those which are more in demand and are trending.  But prominently we trade in Branded and secondly in Generic (non specific) drug  that enacts uniformly in same manner that of its brand. The non specific drug sold over here are too blessed by the  FDA and are genuine in efficacy alike its brand.

Price Related Questions

4) Why DukeMeds.com sell generic medications at low price?

Because DukeMeds pharmacy deal in true and genuine effective drugs which we bought from manufacturers directly , thus it make things and price cheaper of the drug sold here. Plus, the Abroad based pharmacy doesn’t spend much money on advertising and fuss, they merely incurred s  money on such commotions involving their brand and genre. Actually , the expenses incurred in publicity and advertisement induces the prices of drug 80 % high than its usual ones. Hence, all such things are not part of the drug sold and bought at our pharmacy, thus you can convincingly afford it and employ it at times whenever your mind reminds and urge for an intercourse. Earlier a man have to travel all through the way to get this drug from their respective places and make a purchase, but now because of our sub-serve service you can now buy the same one from your bed merely by visiting our website and procuring  proceeds.

Shipping Related Questions

5) Do you ship overseas, and how much do you charge for administering it ?

Yes, DukeMeds pharmacy do ships overseas, and the charges of shipping the consignment depends upon the mode and  requisite of concern person invariably. In factual we ship all the consignment via express shipment which guarantees fast and speedy delivery in time. But, yes under certain unavoidable circumstances and exigencies the delivery event may be change, so this won’t be part of our responsibility. Normally, the charges vary from consignment to consignment depending upon the weight, usually we charge 15 – 20$ for each consignment and on whole, otherwise. Their are certain shipping provision to be complied before shipping any consignment , meticulously. In addition any surplus charges like duty, excise, and tax involving shipping will be on customers part and not pharmacy’s.

6) What is the mode of shipment proceeds ?

The shipment procedure is very easy to understand and simple to apply, since we are the online pharmacy, we tend to ship the ordered consignments via express freights. Your desired shipped consignment is traceable , in any case your not able to receive or attend the consignment then you can immediately call the customer care executor to avail tracing number of the consignment and who will guide you in same further. Or even if your not available at your disposal of delivery then you can leave or notify the name, address and telephone number of the representative person to the shipping company who is eligible to receive the consignment on behalf of your’s.  And in case none of you both is available at disposal, than the shipping company’s delivery person will leave back a note stating that you should collect the delivery at the so and so place and time from so and so person , particularly.

Note : We don’t ship in “Post”

7) What is the subsequent step when the order is mislaid ?

In case your order/consignment is mislaid by our mistake and disregard then we’ll re-ship your whole consignment devoid-of any extra charge , freely but if it is mislaid due to your mistake for instant if you have furnished wrong email Id or address then in such case you have to bear all the risk and cost of the aftermaths.

8) Can distinct orders can be shipped in one box ?

No, two distinct orders and purchase cannot shipped in one box , even if the address furnished exist to be same, we provide different box for each individual purchase so hence it is not possible under and regarding certain custom circumstances and provisions.

9) Custom related question

Will, purchase of this drug will drag me into some sort of offense ?

Till date we haven’t come across to any such issues, though customs have certain rights to terminate the  ship-in drug under certain rules and regulation but only in those case wherein the drugs ordered and shipped is illegal or offensive to consume other then there is no other issue pertaining it. Actually import of offensive drugs like Marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy etc are bounds as offense so procurement of such drugs strikes towards two things one- it is obtained from decriminalized pharmacy and second   the consent to obtain such is issued by licensed practitioner, who suppose to discard authorization  of such. And similarly, if the custom officer consider the ship-in package illegal and prohibits it for import  then such considered package is “seized” consequently by the custom department and there is no other option to get it relieve.

Product Related Question

10) What exactly Generic drug means  and is it safe to be spend ?

Generic drug is a replica or version of a Branded drug deal-ting in the same category of the drug.  When such generic drugs are fabricated the fabricator gives it two name one regarding its chemical compounding and other regarding its original brand name. Eventually, a branded drugs are traded under   pharmaceuticals manufacturers who initially made efforts to invent it.  In legal terms the brand name is “patent”  means it is registered with or on their name and all the rights regarding it usage is with them solely. Similarly, usage of such generic drug is absolutely safe and secure to spend, as it is formulated and compounded in the identical manner that of its original brand profoundly. So you can access this drug from anywhere and anytime plus also can employ it lacking any qualms and fear solemnly.

11) Who manufacture this drug ?

The drugs bought- in here are manufactured by all licensed and valid Foreign based pharmacies, who are authorized and sanctioned by health care department, WHO and GMP basically. So there is no chance of criminal deception mostly intended to ensue financial or personal gain, it is purely based on authentication and reliability and nothing beyond that.