Generic Levitra

Erectile dysfunction brings disquieting state of mind to men. A distracted mind cannot concentrate on anything and as a result many things go haywire without deliberately doing anything. To keep sexual worries in control, especially when they are a result of erectile dysfunction, men should only rely on the most trusted treatment- Generic Levitra. Generic Levitra is a generic medication constituted of Vardenafil.

It boosts virility in men by contouring sexual disabilities. After falling under the grip of ED men are unable to manage their sexual life. They have no more control over erections. Erections go badly amiss during sexual intercourse. Sometimes men arrange to keep them for little time; however, sometimes they remain completely missing.

Both ways men cannot enjoy sexual life to the fullest. Generic Levitra handles this situation practically. The drug goes into the bloodstream and forces blood to reach penis breaking the wall of PDE5 enzyme. When penis receives enough blood, erections are achieved and even can be maintained for longer time. The drug is powerful and prescribed treatment.

Important dosing instructions for healthy sexual life

Generic Levitra is a drug available in three dosing patterns i.e. 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Depending on the condition of erectile dysfunction after diagnosis, doctors decide the right dosage for their patient. Though, generally 10mg dosage is prescribed to men. However, men should not take the dose without consulting a doctor.

In severe ED cases men can be prescribed 20mg generic Levitra. It is strongest dose.

Right dose is dependent on many other factors too like age of men, health condition, medical history and allergic reactions taking place in men’s body.
One dose of generic Levitra is for complete one day. That is, right from taking the drug till next coming 24 hours gets over. Pill should not be repeated within a day.

The dose should be taken in amount as prescribed by a physician.
The drug is not meant to be taken daily as a part of schedule. The prescribed dose should only be taken when body gets sexually stimulated.
Sharing the drug with friend without prescription can be fatal to health. Take your own prescribed dose only.

Avoid Overdose

Knowingly or unknowingly if overdose of generic Levitra is taken, men should see their doctor. Taking the dose more than suggested can result in side effects like- vomiting, dizziness, strokes, heart failure and other serious disorders of different kinds.

Does the drug always work in the first instance?

More often than not, generic Levitra works for all men on time after the intake of the drug. However, it is not imperative that every time men experience the desired results at the expected time. The drug may, at times, take longer. Men are advised to have faith and seriously keep following the instruction regarding the dose. After trying twice or thrice surely you would experience the wonderful feeling.

How to take the drug for best results?

It is highly essential to get own a pill with water as a whole. Pill that is broken to pieces, crushed or chewed does not give results on time.
Except water, do not use other liquids as only water has the potential to dissolve the pill in the blood within minutes, hence indirectly accelerate erection process.

Generic Levitra is advised to take 40 minutes before the intercourse. It is so because the drug needs time for delineating sexual disturbance in the body.
Alcohol should not be taken with the drug.

If you feel like taking the drug, eat light. On empty or light stomach the drug acts fast. However if you are full of foods rich in fat or oil, the results take longer to come out.

Side effects of Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra intake is normally followed by some symptoms like- pain in head, nausea, dizziness, stuffy nose, being sensitive to light, pain in back, pain in joints, muscle ache, and so forth. All these symptoms are not to be worried of and also go away after certain period of time on own. Common side effects require medical attention if stay longer in the body.

On the other hand, generic Levitra also show serious side effects, but unlike common ones, they require prompt medical aid. Generic Levitra does not show serious symptoms normally. It only happens if the drug is taken leniently. Health problems that may be faced are- heart attack, breathlessness, severe dizziness, strokes, chest pain, painful sexual arousal, high blood pressure, hearing loss, vision problems etc.

Appropriate storage conditions for the ED drug

A normal temperature i.e. between 15 to degree Celsius is good enough for generic Levitra pills to keep in.

Keeping the drug near hot, humid and bright places is a NO. They affect the drug and reduce its potentiality. Also, physical appearance of the drug gets affected due to them.

A gas tight container through which no air can pass is good to store the pills. Due to reactive nature of the drug with outside factors, it’s important to keep it in air tight box.

Generic Levitra always needed to be stored in dark, cool and calm place of home.

Do not keep the drug in refrigerator, kitchen or in bathroom.

Keep the drug out of reach of children and pets.

Discard the drug after expiration.

Carefulness to be taken with Generic Levitra

Do not take generic Levitra and nitrates together ever. Health may come in danger severely.

This drug should not be administered for any other purpose except the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

If you are having allergy with Vardenafil, chief ingredient of generic Levitra, then it would be wise not to use the drug.

No physical or mental work should be undertaken after taking the drug as dizziness and blur vision may cause accident.

Drinking alcohol with this ED drug is known to cause side effects worldwide. Therefore, stay away from alcohol.

Women and children should not take generic Levitra. This drug is only for men above 18.

Old men should take the drug on doctor consultation only.

Sexually transmitted diseases cannot be prevented with this medication. Before using this drug take protection against STD’s.