Kamagra is a genuine medication that treats erectile dysfunction in men. This drug is tablet form and blue in color. The shape of the drug is heart type. Kamagra let men enjoy their intimate life without hassles. The drug turns rare erections into flourishing ones. By dilating blood vessels in men’s body, Sildenafil pushes blood in the penis; as a result men are able to achieve hard erections. Sildenafil is every man’s choice today and have full faith in the drug. Even doctors have firm faith in this drug and recommend it to their patients. Sildenafil is a recognized medication worldwide. Even renowned health agencies of the world recommend Kamagra and label it as safe and secure treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Information of use about Kamagra

Kamagra is men’s drug for covering their sexual embarrassment and living sexual life once again with full swing. However, do not give this drug to young boys below 18 years and old men above 70 years. It is a rule set by medical authority keeping safety measures in mind. This ED medication is not to be used by either women or children or pets. Only men are eligible for its intake.

Sildenafil is discovered dangerous for men having a history of heart illnesses, kidney stones or other kidney problems, liver problems, eye related disorders, stomach ulcers and so on. For this reason only it is emphasized to discuss entire medical history with doctor prior taking the prescription of Kamagra.

Kamagra is not only name of the drug, but name of the chief compound also present in the drug and that actually treats erectile dysfunction. Hence, it is advised if men are allergic to this element; please do not take this ED drug. Body goes through allergic reactions like skin rashes, skin allergy, hives etc.

If for any health reason you are taking drugs or compounds containing nitrates then beware of taking Kamagra. Sildenafil and nitrates together causes health troubles that can even turn out life threatening. Sharp drop in blood pressure is one common health problem this combination gives that further causes problems like strokes and heart attack.

After taking this drug if erections become painful or lasts more than four hours, at once seek medical aid.
If intake of the drug is followed by symptoms like nausea, dizziness, chest pain, numbness in body parts or any other unwanted symptom, seek immediate medical help.

Do not exceed one dose of Sildenafil under any condition. One pill is for 24 hours. For next pill to take wait for 24 hours to pass over.

Pill should not be crushed or broken before swallowing, as broken pill is not as effective as whole pill. Swallow pill as a whole with water.

Only use water as a solvent for swallowing Sildenafil pill. Other solvents take longer to dissolve the pill in the blood, hence results also get delayed.

All dosage instructions are important to follow step by step for safe and secure treatment.

Avoid alcohol, grapefruit and its juice before or after taking Kamagra.

To avoid accidents or unfortunate happenings to occur, do not operate any machinery if you have taken this ED drug. Men feel dizzy after taking Sildenafil.

Dosage instructions

Take Kamagra as prescribed by your doctor. The exact dosage should be taken. If 50mg dosage is prescribed, stick to it. Do not increase or decrease the dosage on own. It triggers treatment process.
You do not need to follow dosing schedule. Sildenafil is taken on as-required basis. Take the dose 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Make sure you do not repeat the pill within 24 hours.
The drug does not give automatic erection on pill intake. Men should be sexually stimulated while taking the drug for desired results. This medication is not aphrodisiac.
Overdosing of Sildenafil lead to serious results like irregularity in heartbeat, pain in chest, lightheadedness, vomiting and fainting. Hence, do not overdose.

How to keep the drug safely

Sildenafil storage need normal environment. A normal temperature with range 25 to 30 degree Celsius is perfectly okay for this drug.
The pills should be stored in air tight box. Drug interactions with outside environmental conditions is zero in that box, hence the drug remains safe there.
Expiry date is needed to be checked from time to time as keeping expired pills at home is unsafe. With right disposal methods dispose the drug.
Never store this drug in kitchen or bathroom. Moisture in these places dampens the drug and makes it ineffective.

Possible Side Effects of Kamagra

Kamagra has involvement in side effects. It is 100% safe drug. However, some common symptoms are does associated with it. Experiencing symptoms like running nose, headache, back pain, joint pain, nausea, blur vision, sensitivity to light and stomach upset is very much normal. These are actually not side effects rather signs that a body is adjusting to the drug. They disappear in some time like in three to four hours.

Some unwanted or say dangerous side effects are also experienced at times, however they are rare. Playing with the instructions, especially with dosing instructions, force serious side effects to emerge. Serious side effects that may appear are severe headache, coronary failure, fast heart beat, vomiting, vision loss, hearing loss and priapism. Immediate medical aid is required in case of occurrence of these signs.