Prescription Policy

To avail any kind of medication at you must first provide a genuine-ethical doctor’s consent in mandatory form. Therefore, we request our customers to furnish a valid prescription formerly before making any purchase or else entering into any process. Since confirmation of the order is able to be given only after you present the lawful prescription to us. You can any ways send it to us by Email or fax, as per your convenience. Details involving prescription policy is listed below just go through it precisely,

A genuine reliable prescription must be presented to us by a practicing licensed Doctor and, pause, in English (mandatorily).

The prescription should be with us before or in 15 days of order, or else your order will involuntarily get discarded as per our policy order of business.

Merely hand written prescription is accepted (oral online prescription are not count valid).

If the presented prescription does not fit into our policy’s order of business, than you can expect a call from our customer care executor for further details

Note: State accurate name and number of the order while emailing or tele-faxing.

Even you can log on to for more details .If you have any query or suggestion you can leave a comment or question their ,our customer care executors are  24/7 avail to assist you to locate so.