Security Policy

Securing and safeguarding customer as well trade details is one of the prime element and aspect of our website. provides upgraded safety Apparatus to carry on the transaction on our website. The personal info and data furnished by customer is shielded with great care and measures. Furthermore our website is equipped with McAfee net Security extensively, which enables the sequel and continuation of transaction securely.

We are aware of the online fraud and security infraction that takes place during transaction and processing of the product.  Certainly, for the same the data furnished by the customer is converted into code under SSL encoding technology which is hard to crack even if tried so. Similarly, this ensures that the data you furnished is safeguarded and is in safe hands on the counter part so there are no possibilities of offending security in any case.

Perhaps, moreover the personal information furnished to us is neither stored in our system nor it is utilized for improper purpose, exclude order subroutine process. It is purely for trading purpose only and nothing beside that, so there are no qualms regarding the enrollment and involvement of the same.