Super P Force

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the two most prevailed sexual disorders men undergo in their lifetime. Especially, men between the age of 18 and 65 years experience these physical conditions. To treat these conditions and to give men happy life, Super P force was formulated. Super P force is a drug marked an era of fundamental change in men’s life. The drug can act on both of these disorders in one go. It is a power booster as its composition is done using Sildenafil citrate (100mg) and Dapoxetine (60mg). One way where Sildenafil citrate’s magical effect controls erectile dysfunction efficiently, dapoxetine at the other hand is magnificent enough to delay premature ejaculation. Both these components do their area of work with prowess.

What is the right dose of super p force?

Only a medical expert can prescribe the right dose of super p force. Super P Force is a true prescribed formula for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Doctor may start the treatment with as less as 25mg dosage or can further go up to 100mg. All depends on the condition of the disorder, men’s medical conditions and their history record of health. Among this the important point to note is, whatever dose is prescribed by a doctor, just stick to it. Don’t stop the drug uptake or don’t make changes in the dose without physician’s say. Super p force does not act immediately. Doctors suggest taking it one hour in advance to organized intercourse. Don’t eat oily or fatty food before or after super p force uptake. Results may get affected. Light diet can be taken.

Does overdose affects health?

Yes. Super p force is recommended to be taken just once a day. If more than one pill is taken in a day thinking better outcomes will appear, then you are wrong completely. Opposite will happen. Overdose will cause side effects in the body like dizziness, vomiting, nausea, chest pain, heart attack and so on.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Take a pill of super p force only when needed, that means, when feel like having sex. The drug is not for daily use. However, avoid too much intake of the pill as well.

How to take the drug for better results?

A glass of water is to be taken for swallowing a pill. Do not take broken or crushed pill for easing swallowing process. This would affect erection process. You may not get results at all also. So, take complete pill with water. Do not swallow a pill with any other liquid other than water. Water’s potentiality to dissolve the pill in the blood is quick. Avoid alcohol when taking super p force.

What are the possible side effects of super p force?

It is common for men to experience some common side effects after the uptake of super p force. Headache, stomach upset, nasal congestion, light sensitivity, back pain, joints pain, etc are all common and nontoxic side effects. They do not continue for long time in the body and subside in sometime without even seeking medical aid.
Super p force very rarely turns serious. But, it is must to be aware about its serious side effects. Longer and painful erection, chest pain, sudden abnormal heart functioning, abnormal heartbeat, strokes, severe giddiness, etc are symptoms that are life threatening. Doctor should be seen at once on the occurrence of these side effects.

Precautions and Warnings

Super p force is only prescribed for adult males. If you are younger than 18 years, stay away from this drug.
This drug does not suit women and children at all. They should not use it.
Super p force should not be taken if you have taken nitrate containing drugs or any nitrate containing compound. These both react right away and troubles health.
Men allergic to either Sildenafil or dapoxetine, should not use super p force.
Do not combine this medication with alpha blockers or with other ED treatment medications.
Men with following medical issues- high blood pressure, penis deformity, sickle cell anemia, heart attack, retinitus pigmentosa, cardiovascular problems, etc should take super p force with caution.
If men have any record of medical history, discuss it with physician before taking this drug treatment.
Activities like driving, machine operation etc should be avoided for sometime if super p force is taken.
This drug does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Men should take own protection for STD’s.
When super p force is effective on the body?
Super p force does not act with magic. Men have to keep few things in mind for accelerating working mechanism of this medication. For example, sexual stimulation is must for making the drug work in the body. If men’s body is not charged with sexual desire, the drug does not work. Remember, super p force is not an aphrodisiac medication. Also, other instructions given by doctor are must to follow for best and desired results.

Where the drug to be stored?

Room temperature is best. Make sure, you have kept the drug away from heat, light and moisture. The pills should be stored in air tight container that gives protection to the drug against outside atmospheric conditions. Super p force is highly reactive drug. On expiration, the drug should be disposed using right disposal methods.