Zenegra is basically Sildenafil Citrate tablets consumed by men for impotence treatment. The birth of this drug is solely done for erectile dysfunction sufferers only. Sexual activity is an important part of everyone’s life. For men it is more than an enjoyment as their virility is also linked with it. Better performance men give on bed, better they are judged for manliness. For every man it is important to retain their sexual power forever. Losing on it make them embarrassed in front of their partner. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder sufferers of which go in shocking state. Only men go through ED, hence zenegra is also only for men going through impotence.

Zenegra’s basic component name is Sildenafil citrate. In fact, it is the same element present in zenegra’s branded counterpart. Viagra is the branded similitude of zenegra. Zenegra and Viagra are same, however with a difference in their price and appearance.

How to consume zenegra

Zenegra is an easily taken medication. You can simply take it orally with a glass of water. In most cases, generally recommended dosage of zenegra is 50mg. However, with proper consultation you can take zenegra 100mg. Zenegra should only be taken after consulting a doctor as it is a prescribed impotence medication. Proper time to take the drug is 50 minutes before the sexual activity. Also, only one pill is sufficient for 24 hours. Over dosage can cause health complications. Zenegra is only to be taken when want to have sex with partner. The drug is safe and secure way to beat impotence today.

Results of over dosage of zenegra

Zenegra is impotence treatment drug and is the best in all generic medications. However, you may face problems after taking this drug if not followed the dosage instructions properly. A single pill of Zenegra is good to be taken in a day to treat erectile dysfunction. Men who take more than one pill of zenegra throw themselves deliberately in danger. Over dose is unhealthy and unsafe for sexual health. Some of the side effects caused due to over dose are nauseate feeling, vomiting, body ache, blur eyes, cardiac arrest, and body rashes etc.

Is zenegra dangerous?

Zenegra is not to be afraid of at all. It is a safe medication for men and they face no problem after taking it. However, some mild side effects that are common to occur on intake of the drug are- headache, blur vision, color blindness, body pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, joint pain, back pain etc. These side effects are short term and get treated without seeking treatment.

Serious side effects of Zenegra are a rare thing. The drug is safe and do not give side effects. However, serious side effects like heart failure, cardiac arrest, liver failure, kidney disease, severe headache, severe dizziness, and irregular heartbeat are projected by zenegra in case if the dose is not taken properly or other important instructions of the drug are not followed by the book. Serious side effects need at once medical care without any delay.

Safeguarding Measures

Generally it is advised to take precautions before and after taking allopathic drugs. Same like that precautions are must to be taken with zenegra. Important precautionary measures for zenegra are given here:
Check for the expiry date from time to time, and if find any expired drug, dispose them off immediately. Proper disposal methods should be followed.

Zenegra is solely for men. It is advised to keep it away from women and children. Also keep this drug away from pets.
Men with any type of medical history, especially related to heart problems, kidney, liver, stomach ulcer, eye problems, diabetes etc should maintain distance from zenegra. Men should only this drug if their physician gives consent.

Alcoholic drinks, other medications and drugs that contain nitrates should be altogether avoided with zenegra.


In case if you observe any side effect, then instead of getting scared consult doctor right away.
Do not drive or operate any machinery after taking zenegra. The drug causes slight dizziness that can lead to a severe accident.

Elderly men above 65 should take zenegra strictly after taking permission from their doctor.

Zenegra is for every impotent man

Zenegra is versatile, capable, reliable, strong and absolute erectile dysfunction treatment drug. It would not be wrong to call it a complete package for impotence sufferers. This medication is not only for saving men from erectile disorders, rather helps in saving men their personal relationships with their women. The drug can be availed online too. Many online pharmacies keep it and give it in reasonable prices. It is wise idea to buy zenegra online from reliable and renowned pharmacy store. Zenegra is for everyone suffering from impotence. Men should be at peace now about their sexual life and only think about their bright future!